Mechanics with Service Truck Rollover Modifcation

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A rollover modification has been issued to all current vendors with a closing date of February 15, 2013.

This modification allows you to update your company information, contact numbers, change your dispatch host center if you choose to and revise pricing.


Recently a National modification was issued and the AGAR provisions were added to the solicitation. This AGAR provision must be completed annually and returned to your Contracting Officer.

Please complete it as it must be completed by ALL Vendors and received by the CO before I can sign your modification.

You can e-mail it back to me or fax with a cover sheet to 541-471-6512. Make sure you put Attn: Kermadine Barton as we have several employees who share the same fax.

- AGAR 452 209_70_Alt_1


RT-130 the annual fire refresher training is an annual certificate and must be current before accepting an assignment.

Certificates are good for  1 year from the date of issuance. LuAnn Grover from our Regional office will be collecting all RT-130, see the link below for the training records requirement for all vendors.

Scroll down to “All Other Suppression Employees”. The attachment will have the contact information and address as to where to send your certificates.

If you have any questions on the training, contact LuAnn Grover at 503-808-2238.

2013 Training Record Process


Note: If you need assistance on how to respond to a modification, please review the user guide at:

Scroll down toward the bottom right and click on “Overview for Using the Vendor App” if you look at the table of contents, it will have the slide # and then you can click on the slide and it will walk you step by step on how to view and respond. 

Or you can contact the helpdesk at 866-224-7677 Opt. #3 for VIPR/eAuthenication