Threatened, Endangered and Sensitive (TES) Species Program

Program Overview:

In addition to diverse forests, the National Forests of the Eastern Region of the Forest Service include 962,000 acres of lakes, and two million acres of wetlands.  This makes the Eastern Region the most water-rich Region in the Forest Service.  National Forests in the 20 state area provide habitats for Threatened, Endangered and Proposed species and Regional Forester Sensitive Species.

Program Goals:

  • Provide for the recovery of threatened and endangered species and preclude the need to list species under the Endangered Species Act.
  • Restore, maintain and enhance habitats and biological diversity in an ecosystem context with emphasis on long-term recovery efforts.
  • Maintain partnerships with agencies, organizations and individuals interested in National Forest threatened, endangered and sensitive species programs.
  • Fully develop conservation strategies and implement recovery plans for threatened, endangered, and sensitive species.


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Key to Forest Abbreviations Used on Species Lists