Presidential Memorandum - Creating a federal strategy to promote the health of honey bees & other pollinators 

June 20, 2014: President Barack Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum to bring federal actions to the pollinator issue that will provide increased collaboration, solid science, practical management, and essential research goals.

Given the breadth, severity, and persistence of pollinator losses, it is critical to expand federal efforts and take new steps to reverse pollinator losses and help restore populations to healthy levels. Steps should include the development of new public-private partnerships and increased citizen engagement. It involves the establishment of a Pollinator Health Task Force that will be co-chaired by the Secretary of Agriculture and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Within 180 days of the Memorandum (June 20, 2014), the Task Force is to develop a National Pollinator Health Strategy that will include explicit goals, milestones, and metrics to measure progress.

The Memorandum press release can be found here

An associated fact sheet - the economic challenge posed by declining pollinator populations can be found here

R9 Abuzz about New Pollinator Workshops!

In 2013, the Eastern Region recently formalized a partnership with the Pollinator Partnership (P2)through a challenge cost share agreement. Through this agreement, they developed and executed two pilot pollinator training workshops in Spring of 2014.

Read a story on the Mark Twain's pilot workshop here

Read a story on the Ottawa's pilot workshop here

The Eastern Region is very committed to building partnerships and encouraging citizen science to share the importance of native pollinators and the threats they currently face. We feel that these workshops are a huge step toward that, and are very excited about the pilot workshops and future opportunities.

Jan Schultz, Botany, Non-Native Invasive Species & Special Forest Products Program Leader, at 414.297.1189 or jschultz@fs.fed.us

Daniel Jordan, Wildlife Biologist on the Mark Twain National Forest,573-438-5427 ext 5112 or ddjordan@fs.fed.us

Sue Trull, Botanist on the Ottawa National Forest, 906-932-1330 ext. 312 or stroll@fs.fed.us

Key Contacts

 Jan Schultz
Regional Botany, NNIS & SFP Program Leader