Fall Color Report - September 17, 2014


  • Shawnee National Forest: The Sassafras, Sumac and Dogwoods are just starting to get a touch of red, and the Tulip Poplar is turning yellow and brown. On the ground can be seen the beginning drop of Sycamore and Tulip Poplar leaves.  Color is currently at about 5%. 


  • Hoosier National Forest: The Hoosier has yet to have any changes other than a slight yellow tint to leaves on a couple of trees. But standby, colors are on the way.


  • Hiawatha National Forest: One can observe a glimpse of what is to come with the beginnings of fall color.
  • Ottawa National Forest: The color on the Ottawa is just starting, with some “stressed” trees beginning to change. One can catch a hint of orange and red, but for the most part the Ottawa is still green. Color is currently at about 10%.


  • Chippewa National Forest: Yellow and red (sumac) are the prevalent colors right now on the Chippewa. Along with cooler temperatures, we expect to see more and more fall color! We’ve noticed more yellow of leaves this week.
  • Superior National Forest: Color is very sporadic, with some bright trees and branches showing early signs of fall. Though color is only at about 5-10% right now, more colors are appearing every day.


  • Allegheny National ForestThere is just a hint of color in the Allegheny. And, with no sign of frost as of yet, the Forest anticipates it will be sometime before peak color.


  • Green Mountain National Forest: In the distance, the hardwood trees are getting a yellowish/orange hue. Some individual trees and shrubs have turned deeper hues, and stand out amongst the surrounding fading green/yellow vegetation.


  • Eastern Regional Office: There are slight tinges of color on ash, birch and maple trees in the Milwaukee metro area.