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 Dolores District Motor Vehicle Use Map 2014

Dolores District Hunting Season Game Retrieval MVUM  2014

It has been some time since the first Boggy-Glade decision was reversed in November, 2010. The following summer, June 2011 the Forest Service held open houses and public hearings and based on the social and environmental issues received, another Alternative was developed and the Environmental Assessment (EA) was revised. Over a year ago, in October 2011 the revised EA was made available for public comment and this EA analyzed six alternatives. Over this last summer, 2012, the District Ranger drove many of the Boggy-Glade roads and visited with hunters in the Boggy-Glade area during this last fall’s hunting season. A final decision has now been made for the Boggy-Glade area (Alternative D with Modifications). Briefly, this decision includes; 

• A road system of 379 miles as shown on the open roads and trails map 
• OHV trails for vehicles 50-inches (or less) in width
• Motorized game retrieval via ATV within one mile of open system roads in areas shown on the game retrieval map for deer or elk during archery, muzzleloader, and 1st thru 4th hunting seasons. 

More information about parking, seasonal restrictions, and implementation of this road and trail system can be found in the Decision Notice and Finding of No Significant Impact for Boggy-Glade Travel Management. This document includes a summary of the alternatives considered, rationale for selecting Alternative D with modifications, and includes responses to public comments. The Decision Notice is located on line at

To request a copy by mail contact Deborah Kill at 970-882-6822. Copies of the document may also be picked up at the Dolores Public Lands Office, 29211 Hwy 184 in Dolores between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday. A reading copy has been placed at the Cortez, Dove Creek, and Dolores Public Libraries. 

In a related action, San Juan National Forest Supervisor Mark Stiles has released a decision to amend the San Juan Land and Resource Management Plan to allow for more road density in a portion of the Boggy-Glade area. Information about this decision is also available as described above. 


Dolores Public Lands Office Motorized Roads and Trails
New road and trail plans are being decided through environmental analyses conducted for certain landscapes and all are including public input. These plans are in various stages of implementation and planning across the Dolores Public Lands.  The information below pertains only to road and trail planning on the Dolores Office. 
For additional information phone (970) 882-6822 or stop by the Dolores Public Lands Office at 29211 Hwy 184, Dolores, Colorado

Water, Wildlife and Roads   [pdf, 2 pages 517 KB]


Mancos-Cortez Travel Map Now Available : The Mancos-Cortez Travel Map identifies roads and trails open to motorized and non-motorized travel in the Mancos-Cortez Area of the Dolores Public Lands.  The Travel Map is the legal document used to enforce travel rules in the Mancos-Cortez planning area which include Haycamp Mesa, West Mancos Road, Echo Basin and lands adjacent to the town of Cortez.  The Mancos-Cortez Travel Maps, are free of charge and may be re-issued annually to include updates.  It is the responsibility of motorized travelers to be aware of the legal designated routes and stay on them to ensure responsible use and enjoyment of the National Forest.

Mancos-Cortez Travel Map, pg. 1  [pdf, 1 page, 4.93 MB]
Mancos-Cortez Travel Map, pg. 2  [pdf, 1 page, 58 KB]

Rico - West Dolores Existing Roads and Trails:  Follow the 2005 or 2012 Visitor Use Map (San Juan Forest Map) to find the locations of open roads and trails in the Rico-West Dolores Area which includes the Hwy 145 and Dunton Roads, Lizardhead Pass, Bolam Pass, Hillside Drive, Taylor Mesa and Bear Creek.  Driving off of the signed open roads either cross-country or on old logging routes is prohibited. 

The District will begin a new roads and trail analysis for the Rico-West area in 2013.   If you would like to be placed on the mailing list for this project please contact Deborah Kill at 970-882-6822.