Southwest Jemez Mountains Landscape Restoration - Reports

Ten-Year Work Plan

A 10-year work plan for implementing and monitoring the project in accordance with requirements in the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration legislation and program.

Status Reports

The Forest Service, Valles Caldera Trust, Pueblo of Jemez, The Nature Conservancy, and New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute are initiating a strategic-level forest restoration planning effort.

Annual Reports

Guiding legislation requires annual reports that include performance measures, accomplishments and costs related to implementing the 10-year restoration strategy.

Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program Reports

  • Annual Report 2012 ( pdf, 102kb  | html )
  • Annual Report 2011 ( pdf, 172 kb | html )


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Key Contacts

  • For Schedule of Proposed Actions:

    Julie Bain
    Environmental Coordinator
    Tel: 505-438-5443
    E-mail Julie
  • For the Southwest Jemez Mountains Landscape Restoration Project:

    Anne Janik
    Partnership Coordinator
    Tel: 505-438-5431
    E-mail Anne