Final EIS SWIEG Revision Effort

Final Environmental Impact Statement

Southwest Idaho Ecogroup Revision Effort


Summary   673K
Chapter I Purpose & Need 254K
Changes to Chapter I between Draft and Final EIS    
Chapter II  Alternatives Considered  566K
Changes to Chapter II between Draft and Final EIS    9K
Chapter III Affected Environment & Environmental Consequences  
Changes to Chapter III between Draft & Final EIS    10K


Air Quality & Smoke Management    2982K
Soil, Water, Riparian & Aquatic Resources    1348K
Vegetation Diversity     706K
Vegetation Hazard     121K
Botanical Resources - TEPS Plants     302K
Non-Native Plants    106K
Terrestrial Wildlife Habitat & Species     407K
Fire Management     831K
Rangeland Resources    86K
Timberland Resources     136K
Recreation     829K
Scenic Environment     118K
Cultural Resources    37K
Tribal Rights & Interests     33K
Roads    62K
Inventoried Roadless Areas    170K
Wilderness     33K
Wild & Scenic Rivers     66K
Socio-economic Environment    577K
Resource Commitments     18K
Chapter IV  List of Preparers  33K
Changes to Chapter IV between Draft and Final EIS    9K
Appendix A Public Involvement  860K
Appendix A Response to Comments  93K
Appendix B Analysis Processes   323K
Appendix C Roadless Area Re-evaluation  485K
Appendix C Boise NF Inventoried Roadless Areas  577K
Appendix C Payette NF Inventoried Roadless Areas  371K
Appendix C Sawtooth NF Inventoried Roadless Areas  438K
Appendix D American Indian Background  25K
Appendix E Determining Timber Suitability  160K
Appendix F Watershed, Fish & Wildlife  679K
Appendix G Botanical Resources  401K
Appendix H Inventoried Roadless Area Characteristics  446K
Appendix I Research Natural Areas   30K
Appendix J Wild & Scenic Rivers Suitability Report  3964K
Changes to Glossary between Draft and Final EIS    
Revision Home Page    


All documents are in Adobe pdf format which requires Adobe Reader.  Due to different view settings in Adobe Reader some portions of table outlines may be missing however the table is complete and accurate.