Shoshone National Forest FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can reservations be made for campgrounds on the Shoshone?

  2. Do campgrounds on the Shoshone have showers available?

  3. Where can I purchase fuelwood permits and what is the cost?

  4. Can you purchase hunting and fishing licenses at the forest service?

  5. Is Yellowstone National Park open?

  6. Is personal use gold mining allowed on the forest?

  7. Are leashes required for pets on forest?

  8. Can charcoal briquettes be used when fire restrictions are in place?

  9. Where can I purchase the ATV permit that is needed to ride an ATV on forest?

  10. Where can I buy quad maps for the Shoshone?

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Four campgrounds are on the reservation system: Hunter Peak, Wapiti, Big Game, and Rex Hale.

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No, showers are not available in any of the campgrounds on the Shoshone.

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Fuel wood permits are available at any district office. The cost is $7.50 per cord with a minimum purchase of three cords. There is a maximum purchase of 10 cords per household per calendar year. Permits are valid through December in the year purchased.

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No, but there are various sporting goods and service stations that have them available..... or contact the local Wyoming Game and Fish Department office at"


Yellowstone National Park and the Shoshone National Forest are not governed by the same agency. As a result, we know only general schedules and information concerning the Yellowstone. Generally the East Entrance opens in early May, while other entrances open mid May. For more information see their website at

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Yes, but you will need to know if there is an active mining claim already filed at that location. Check with the local district office for rules and specifics.

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Leashes or some other physical restraint is required for pets while in developed recreation sites. While in the back country, please be considerate of others and have your pet either on leash or well-trained to verbal control.

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When partial restrictions are in place, they can be used in developed recreation sites only. When full restrictions are in place, they cannot be used at all.

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Please call 1-877-996-7275 for the dealer nearest you. The permit is required for riding an ATV anywhere in the state of Wyoming.

Some forests have designated off-road areas in which to ride. The Shoshone does NOT have any such areas. Certain roads have been designated for ATV use on the Shoshone. Contact the local district office for details.

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Here are a couple of sites you can visit online to find quad maps for the Shoshone:

They can also be purchased locally commercially. Check with the local district office for specifics.

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