Bark Beetle Response

Our Response

Addressing forest health has been an emphasis area on the Shoshone since 2002. The Shoshone's timber and fuels programs plan complementary work to mitigate impacts from insect infestations, with more importance placed around high value areas such as communities, private property, recreation facilities, and infrastructure.

This document describes vegetation management projects on the Shoshone in 2011.

The goal of vegetation management in response to the insect infestation is to create a healthier, stronger, sustainable forest that will

  • Enable managers to manage wildfire for multiple objectives: protect high-valued areas, such as public and private developments, while taking advantage of opportunities to accomplish resource benefits
  • Be resilient to natural disturbances, e.g., insects
  • Protect watersheds
  • Meet the needs of wildlife for their habitat
  • Meet human needs for water, recreation, scenery, and forest products
  • Increase security of infrastructure from the impacts of wildfire
  • Lead to reduced fire suppression costs and increased public and firefighter safety