Forest Plan Revision

The public is invited to the Public Meeting on the Forest Plan Revision:

The Inyo, Seqouia, and Sierra National Forest Land Managment plans are now avaliable for commenting, please follow this link for more information. Forest Plan Revision

The U.S. Forest Service’s Pacific Southwest Region has released the final assessments for the Sierra National Forest, the Bio-regional assessment, and a preliminary Need to Change document.
The public is welcome to attend our upcoming meeting; see below for location. 

The Next Public meeting will be announced in 2016.

The meetings are designed to share information on the Notice of Intent, which includes the purpose and need and proposed action. These meetings also notify the public and tribal communities that the Notice of Intent begins the formal NEPA process, including a 30 day scoping period. Scoping comments help refine the proposed action, identifying preliminary issues, and identifying interested and affected persons. All correspondence received from the need for change meeting, including names and addresses when provided, are placed in the project record and are available for public inspection and copying at any time.

For more information regarding forest plan revisions visit the Pacific Southwest Region’s planning website. The contacts for the Sierra National Forest are:

The Sierra National Forest is one of eight national forests that were selected as “early adopters” meaning they will be the first to revise their land management plans using the new National Forest System Planning Rule, completed in 2012. The planning rule provides the framework for Forest Service land management plans across the nation.

The Sierra National Forest is revising its Forest Plan using the new Forest Service Planning Rule. The forest has also developed a Collaboration and Communication Plan to provide clear, consistent, and easily implementable guidance for Forest staff to involve the interested public, California Native American Tribes, public agencies and elected officials in the Forest Plan revision process. Interested parties are encouraged to learn more by visiting and participating in Our Forest Place, an online community to encourage collaboration. The public can also view and comment on the Sierra National Forest’s current Topic Papers which offer a review of current trends and conditions and is located on the Living Assessment site - a wiki-based Assessment that allows individuals to help write content.


Jackass Lake Ansel Adams Wilderness BLRD


The Under Secretary of Agriculture for Natural Resources and Environment has signed the 2012 planning rule for land management planning for the National Forest System.


The Living Assessment is a tool to gather and display information about the current condition and trends. Sierra National Forest Topic Papers are located on the Living Assessment site. Public feedback is encouraged and welcomed.


Individuals interested in forests and land management in California are invited to join this online community where they can blog, get involved in discussion forums, share data, post videos, or be part of an interest group.


Forest Plan 

1991 Sierra National Forest Management Plan
2004 Sierra National Forest Management Plan ROD

In 1991 the Sierra National Forest completed the Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP or Forest Plan). The Plan provides direction for management activities on the Sierra National Forest. At this time, it is our mission to renew the plans so that they may be used for the next ten years for the new generations who will use our forest. This plan helps in determining the way the forest evaluates conditions, activities or project on national forest lands. Specific projects and activity proposals are analyzed separately, following National Environmental Policy Act procedures. 

The following documents pertain to the Forest Management Plan that the Sierra National Forest is currently operating under. 

2001 Wilderness Plan
2004 Frame Work FEIS Vol 1,
2004 Frame Work FEIS Vol 2,
2004 Frame Work Record of Decision
Aerial Application of Fire Retardant Record of Decision
Aerial Application of Fire Retardant Decision Notice
Table of Content
Final Environmental Impact Statement - Abstract
Chapter 1 - Purpose and Need for Action
Chapter 2 - Alternatives, Including the Proposed Action
Chapter 3 - Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences
        o 3.2 Physical Environment
        o 3.3 Biological Environment
Chapter 4 – List of Contributors and Consultation
Federal Register Vol. 75, No. 23 February 4, 2010
Appendix A through G
List of LRMP Plan Amendment April 23, 2012
Record of Decision for the Commercial Pack Station Reissuance for the Sierra National Forest
Record of Decision Abstract
Record of Decision Commercial Pack Station Permit Reissuance
Record of Decision Sierra Nevada Forests Management Indicator Species Amendment
Pack Stock Management Record of Decision
Amendment to the Land and Resource Management Plan
Federal Register Vol. 66 No. 9, Roadless Rule January 12, 2001
Final Record of Decision December 2006
FEIS (Final Environmental Impact Statement) Trail and Commercial Pack Stock Management in the Ansel Adams and John Muir Wildernesses Vol. 1
FEIS (Final Environmental Impact Statement) Trail and Commercial Pack Stock Management in the Ansel Adams and John Muir Wildernesses Vol. 2