Forest Road 5800 Delays

Release Date: Nov 19, 2012   Corvallis, OR

Contact(s): Kraig Kidwell 541.563.8444, Katie Sapp 541.750.7028

Logging activities on Forest Service Road 5800, locally known as the Boundary Road, may cause delays to visitor travel for the next few weeks. Logging equipment may be temporarily stationed on the road starting approximately 2.5 miles south of Highway 34.

“We apologize for the inconvenience of the delays,” said Kraig Kidwell, Timber Sale Administrator for the Siuslaw National Forest. “The delays are necessary for the safety of the public traveling through the area as we continue to work on our restoration thinning sales.”
It is still possible for visitors to travel through the area, but the delay could be up to an hour total for the equipment to be moved. The Boundary Road will be open on weekends without delays.

Two alternate routes are available to bypass the logging operations. Canal Creek road to Forest Road 5860 or Five Rivers road to Forest Road 3210 will both lead to the Boundary Road, avoiding the delays. Visitors should be aware that Canal Creek road and Forest Road 5860 have log truck traffic throughout the day.

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