Rim Fire Recovery

Rim Fire Recovery efforts are ongoing, and are expected to continue for the next few years.  This page and its associated links are dedicated to information specific to these activities. For more information or Rim Fire Recovery concerns, please contact the Rim Fire Recovery public information team at 209-432-3709 or email rimfirerecovery@gmail.com. Click here for information on the Rim Fire. 




Rim Fire Projects

The Rim Fire Hazard Trees (Rim HT) EA

Rim Fire Recovery (Rim Recovery) Draft EIS

 Rim Fire Recovery Timeline

Timeline for Rim Recovery Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Statement

 Rim Fire Recovery Updates


 July 15 * July 8 * July 1  * Rim Fire Recovery Update for July of 2014


 June 24 * June 17 * June 10


May 28 * May 20 * May 13 * May 6


April 30 * April 22 * April 15 *  April 15 * April 8 * April 1


March 25 * March 19

 Rim Fire Recovery Articles

The Southwest Interface Team (SWIFT) is a group comprised of a variety of government and external partners, including the U.S. Forest Service, that works collaboratively to create fire adapted communities. . . . read more

Archaeological and historical sites are evidence of past human use of the land . . . read more

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is one form of remote sensing technology . . . read more

Natural Resources Conservation Service Helps with Rim Fire Recovery. . . read more

Rim Fire Hazard Trees Draft EA package is ready for public comment . . .   read more

Rim Fire losses must be salvaged quickly, coalition warns  . . .   read more

Rim fire salvage logging wins support . . .   read more

Stanislaus National Forest Supervisor signed Rim Fire Hazard Tree Decision Notice. . . read more

The Stanislaus National Forest has received funding to repair and replace range infrastructure damaged or destroyed in last summer’s Rim . . . read more

The Stanislaus National Forest hosted the 2014 Annual Grazing Permittee Meeting . . . read more

The Stanislaus National Forest is ramping up programs to coordinate volunteers and partnerships . . . read more

Wildlife Species and Habitat Affected by the Rim Fire . . . read more


Sweet-pea in bloom within the burn area Paint Brush in bloom within the burned area Lupine within the burn area Monkey flower amongst sweet-pea Harlequin lupine in bloom within the burn area Bracken fern growing within the burn area California poppy along the south facing slopes above the Tuolumne Wild and Scenic River New growth along Lumsden Road Lupine within the Rim Fire area California poppy within the Rim Fire area