The Integrated 5-Year Vegetation Plan 2010-2014

The integrated 5-year vegetation plan, covering 2010-2014, reflects feedback the Forest has received from many local and regional stakeholders over the past 4 years. While the Tongass has always had a “5-year plan”, this one is significantly different:

  • We have begun the initial steps to integrate watershed restoration, habitat improvements, pre commercial and commercial thinning, as well as traditional timber sale opportunities. This will create efficiencies for the Forest as well as contractors, resulting in more projects and therefore more jobs
  • We have included young growth projects, the first time a 5-year plan has done so
  • We have explicitly focused on “stewardship contracting” opportunities, which are possible due to the integrated nature of the plan. These stewardship projects will open up opportunities for small communities to grow local jobs

How is this Related to the Transition Framework?

The integrated 5-year vegetation plan is one of several components of the “Transition Framework”, the effort by several USDA entities to explore and support economic diversification and job creation in Southeast Alaska. The integrated 5-year vegetation plan is a key piece of the Framework with regards to the forestry and restoration, for two main reasons: 1) it maintains current infrastructure in Southeast Alaska and therefore jobs, and 2) uses that infrastructure as a springboard to diversify the forestry sector, creating even more jobs.

Opportunity for Comments before Finalization

We welcome comments on this draft plan. Please submit feedback no later than November 5th to:

Forrest Cole
648 Mission St.
Ketchikan, AK 99901

We plan to finalize this document by November 17th, 2010.

Comments Received

Following are the comments received by COB November 05, 2010. We are still working to catalog, scan, and post each comment to this web page. Please check back as more comments will be added very shortly. We appreciate your patience. Thank you.


5-Year Plan North (pdf 1.2MB)

  • Sitka, Hoonah, Admiralty, and Juneau Ranger Districts

5-Year Plan POW (pdf 2.1MB)

  • Thorne Bay and Craig Ranger Districts

5-Year Plan PRD-North (pdf 1.4MB)

  • Petersburg Ranger District

5-Year Plan WRD-KMRD (pdf 2.1MB)

  • Wrangell and Ketchikan Ranger Districts

Focus Watersheds for Restoration (pdf 721KB)


5-Year Vegetation Management Plan for the TNF Fiscal Year 2010 - Fiscal Year 2014 (pdf 372KB)