Tonto Pass Options

Tonto Daily Pass - $8

Sold by private vendors and online.

Daily Passes are hangtags, designed to be self-validating. Visitors scratch off the date and time of their visit upon reaching their forest destination. This design allows Daily Passes to be conveniently obtained in advance of forest visits.

Passes expire 24 hours from time of validation.

Tonto Daily Pass

Water Craft Use Sticker - $4

One sticker must be permanently affixed to a Tonto Daily Pass for each motorized watercraft that the vehicle tows or otherwise carries to the lake. "Motorized watercraft' means any watercraft that is propelled by machinery whether or not the machinery is the principal source of propulsion.

Water Craft Use Sticker



National interagency passes

National interagency passes alone can be used at many of our federal recreation parks, monuments and historic sites nationwide where entry fees are charged.

Interagency annual pass

Interagency annual pass-2011


Senior lifetime interagency pass

Senior lifetime interagency pass

(Seniors 62 or older) - $10

Access lifetime interagency pass

Access lifetime interagency pass

(people with permanent disabilities) - Free

National interagency passes on the Tonto National Forest: not valid by itself in sites with expanded ammenities

The Tonto National Forest does not charge entry fees (unlike, for example, national parks). The Interagency Passes are valid at Picnic Sites on the Tonto National Forest.

In order to visit expanded amenity recreation sites, such as boat launches and Shoreline sites, a daily pass or Annual Tonto Discovery Pass is required. Examples of expanded ammenity recreation sites include Saguaro Del Norte and Palo Verde recreation sites. Standard ammenity recreation sites require either a Tonto Discovery Pass or the National Interagency Pass. Standard ammenity recreation sites include most day-use sites on the Lower Salt River.

The Annual Tonto Discovery Pass or the national interagency pass , are not valid for overnight use at highly developed campgrounds such as Tortilla, Cholla, Windy Hill, Schoolhouse, and Burnt Corral campgrounds. Tonto daily passes are required at these sites.

The Annual Tonto Discovery Pass are available at Tonto offices and online.

Tonto Daily-use passes can be purchased at Tonto offices, online and from a variety of vendors in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and beyond (private vendors).