Invasive Weeds

Group picture of volunteers and their bags full of weeds

Volunteers are a very important part of the Tonto’s invasive plant management program. Many organizations and individuals give their time to helping the Forest control noxious weeds. If you have a group, or belong to an organization that would like to conduct an invasive weed control volunteer day on the Forest, contact the Forest’s Noxious Weed Program Manager, Patti Fenner, at 602-225-5386.

If you are an individual, please check out the websites: and

The Forest regularly posts volunteer days on these websites, where you can learn more about projects and sign up for them.

We host many Eagle Scout projects. The scouts not only provide a valuable service for our public lands, but learn about noxious weeds and the harm they cause to ecosystems. The Tonto is large, with many opportunities to make a difference by controlling invasive plants. Projects can be customized for time of year, part of the Forest, elevation, and group size.

See information on invasive plant control projects where volunteers were involved.

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