2014 Public Engagement


Tom Montoya Presents in Ontario Large group in Kennewick Dennis with Group Kevin and Larry with small group Dayton meeting question Joani holding mike in Kennewick Kevin Martin presents in Pendleton Joani entering comment in Heppner Kevin Laughing John Laurence listens to question in Portland John presents in LG Large group La Grande Open House in La Grande Bill Gamble talks with public Andrea provides documents Jeff Tomac chats Maura chats Open House Baker City John Laurence chats in Enterprise Jodi, Johhn, Public Jodi and public Open House Long Creek Steve talks with group Question in Long Creek Steve on couch Steve presentation Burns Steve presentation John Day


In 2014 the three national forests hosted 14 Public Meetings and a Webinar to provide information on the Proposed Revised Land Management Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Statement, answer questions, explain the commenting process and listen to public input. For your convenience, the materials used in the public meetings are available below.

Webinar: Suitable Uses, Access, Recommended Wilderness and Backcountry

The Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision Team hosted an online webinar to provide more in depth information on suitable uses for wilderness, recommended wilderness, backcountry and general forest. The webinar also discussed access in different management areas and how to use the new Interactive Map. Below, documents from the Webinar will be posted once they become available.

PowerPoint Presentation

Access & Wilderness Public Webinar Notes


Public Meetings

Meeting Summaries

The Meeting Summaries were pulled together by Enviroissues to provide an overall synopsis of the 14 meetings, as well as an individual summary of the Q&As from each of the meetings. Please choose from the links below to read about Key Themes, Questions and Answers, Comments during the meetings and more.
Comprehensive Public Meetings Summary (Click Here to view the summary)

Public Meetings Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation


Public Meetings Handouts

Access Briefing Paper

Recommended Wilderness Area Briefing Paper

Forested Vegetation Briefing Paper

Terrestrial Wildlife Briefing Paper

Elk Briefing Paper

Range Briefing Paper

Aquatics Briefing Paper

Watershed Briefing Paper

Minerals Briefing Paper

Social Well-Being Briefing Paper

Economic Well-Being Briefing Paper

NEPA Briefing Paper

Wind Energy Briefing Paper

How to Comment Document



Access Displays

Recommended Wilderness Area Displays

Forested Vegetation Displays

Terrestrial Species Displays

Range Displays

Aquatics Displays

Watershed Displays

Minerals Displays

Social Well-Being Displays

Economic Well-Being Displays

NEPA Displays