Oregon Aquatic Invasive Species Permit

The Oregon’s Aquatic Invasive Species Program is aimed at improving and implementing outreach, education and enforcement efforts to boaters in the areas that are most threatened by aquatic invasive species. Permits are required for paddle craft, out-of-state motor boats and other non-motorized vessels.

As a priority for the Oregon Legislature in 2009, the Oregon’s Aquatic Invasive Species Program will focus on the prevention of a devastating introduction of zebra or quagga mussels into Oregon’s waters. Several aquatic invasive species, such as Eurasian watermilfoil, New Zealand mud snails and others, are already present in Oregon, damaging waterways and costing waterway and fishery managers – and ultimately taxpayers, boaters and anglers – millions. 

The Oregon Department of Wildlife - Aquatic Invasive Species Program website has information about watercraft requirements, Frequently Asked Questions, permit costs, permits sales agents and online purchases.

Image of boat where aquatice invasive species should be checked