Wild and Scenic Snake River - Private Powerboat Reservations

Private powerboat fishing on the Snake River 2014 Transition Timeline: Following national direction to provide a ‘one-stop recreation reservation system’ for the public, private powerboat reservations for the Wild and Scenic Snake River in Hells Canyon National Recreation Area will only be available on the internet or by phone to Recreation.gov. This will begin on March 1, 2014.

Reservations can be made through the Internet at Recreation.gov, which is available 24 hours/day, 7 days a week

Reservations can also be made by TOLL FREE telephone (1-877-444-6777) or TDD (1-877-TDD-6777). Call Center hours are:

  • 10:00 am (EST) to Midnight (EST) - March 1st through October 31st
  • 10:00 am (EST) to 10:00 pm (EST) - November 1st through February
  • Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day

Hells Canyon National Recreation Area Wild and Scenic Powerboat Reservation System Brochure with Maps

Applying for a Powerboat Reservation

These reservations will be offered through the National Recreation Reservation System (NRRS) at  Recreation.gov. NRRS is the same provider of the Wild and Scenic Snake River floatboat reservations, which transitioned to this internet reservation system in 2009/2010.

Need for the New System

In addition to meeting national direction, the new web-based reservation system will better protect your personal identification information, and serve as a more equitable and consistent approach for local and regional visitors to obtain a permit.

Training and Instructions

Please visit Recreation.gov and the Index of Frequently Asked Questions for information on how to use the website. For more information please contact the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area office in Clarkston, WA at (509) 758-0616.

Please also see the Wallowa-Whitman Frequently Asked Questions Document.

Additional Background Information

The 2002 President's "Recreation One Stop Initiative" focuses on creating a simple and easily accessible web-based resource for the public that offers a single point of access to information and reservations for federal recreational opportunities, makes it easier for all citizens to use our national forests, and is efficient.

In 2002, the Office of Management and Budget issued a letter citing the Clinger-Cohen Act that requires Federal agencies to commit to one recreation reservation system for all recreation related activities and designated the NRRS as “the one-stop recreation reservation system for the public.”  The Forest Service Manual at 2334.35 and 2344.31 states that all units and concessionaires providing reservation services are required to use NRRS. 

In 2009/2010, the HCNRA moved the Forest Service operated 4-River float reservation system to the NRRS. To facilitate the change, the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest (WWNF) requested a few years of deferment to assist local users and staff time to adjust to a web-based reservation system before formally moving the private powerboat system to NRRS. Working in coordination with Regional office and NRRS coordinator the Forest will move the powerboat system to NRRS, beginning in March 2014.

In 2012/2013, the HCNRA staff began working with NRRS program developers to establish the process and requirements to move the current powerboat permit system to NRRS. A key element of this development plan is using the direction from the Wild and Scenic Snake River Recreation Management Plan to describe the power boat numbers, areas, and weekly allocations that will continue to be permitted during the primary river season.

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