Gift Certificates for Wayne NF Trail Permits

The Wayne National Forest now offers a gift certificate that may be purchased for the value of the trail permit (seasonal, 3-day, or daily) permit. Those who purchase the certificates may buy them for gifts to be redeemed on the weekends or days they wish to ride. Gift certificates can only be purchased and redeemed at the Wayne’s three administrative offices. They are not available at any trail permit vendor locations. The certificate is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Unlike trail permits, gift certificates are transferable, meaning the person that receives the certificate as a gift may give it to another person to redeem for a trail permit. The person who purchases the gift certificate does not have to show proof of a valid state driver’s license. However, when the gift certificate is redeemed for a trail permit, the person redeeming the certificate must show their valid state driver’s license if they are purchasing an ATV/OHM permit.