Areas Closed




Dry River Trail  This trail will remain closed until it has been surveyed and a long-term solution identified.
Flume Brook Trail (not Flume Slide Trail in Lincoln)  
Greeley Ponds Trail The current Greeley Ponds Trail closure, which extends from Lower Greeley Pond to the former Knights Bridge location in the vicinity of the Timber Camp Trail  junction, will be extended to the Greeley Ponds Trail’s junction with Livermore Trail. 
Isolation Trail  West side is closed (Dry River Trail access).
Rocky Branch Trail The trail between Rocky Branch Shelter #1 and Rocky Branch Shelter #2 will remain closed due to extensive damage from Tropical Storm Irene.


Culhane Brook (FR 72)
East Branch Saco River (FR 38)
Little Tunnel Brook (FR 170)
Slippery Brook (FR 17)
Tunnel Brook (FR 700)