Motor Vehicle Use Maps

Holycross overview with roads Each district is represented in the different MVUMs below, which are also divided up by season. These maps illustrate motor vehicle route and area designations as defined in the White River National Forest Travel Management Plan so that visitors can determine where they may travel in a motor vehicle. As a forest visitor, it is your responsibility to know and follow these designations.

MVUMs may be printed (see instructions below) or picked up free of charge at White River National Forest offices.


Summer MVUMs

Summer MVUMs are in effect as of May 21, 2016. Summer season ends November 20, though some roads may close earlier, depending on conditions.

Paper copies of MVUMs are available at district offices, and digital maps are posted below.


Printable  Summer MVUMs:


Downloadable .kmz format summer MVUMs (open in Google Earth and many GPS receivers):


Free Mobile app that allows Forest visitors to download free mobile MVUMs onto their smartphones (and see their current location on the MVUMs):


Winter MVUMs


Printing Instructions

Full-size MVUMs (34” x 44”) cannot be printed on conventional home printers, but they can be printed on a large plotter. Many local engineering and survey businesses or printers can print the map for a nominal fee.

Only a portion of the MVUM can be printed on 8.5” x 11” paper. Using Adobe Reader, select the “Print current view” function to print the view on your screen. It is recommended that the legend box, as well as applicable special designations, be printed to aid in interpretation of the MVUM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a MVUM?

Maps are posted online for viewing and printing on this Web site and on the Rocky Mountain Region and National Forest Service Web sites. Paper copies of the White River NF MVUMs are available free of charge (in person or by mail) from Forest Service offices. Please contact the ranger district office in the area you plan to visit to get current road and trail condition information.


What does a MVUM show me?

  • The map displays all National Forest System roads, trails, and designated areas that are designated for public motor vehicle use.
  • Motor vehicles include, but are not limited to, motorcycles, ATVs, and full-size 4-wheel drive vehicles.
  • Designation details include vehicle class, time of year, and any motorized access for the purpose of dispersed camping (camping in locations other than campgrounds).
  • The MVUM also shows roads where only highway-legal vehicles are allowed because of user safety considerations.
  • Motor vehicle access may occur on routes (roads and trails) not shown on the MVUM for the purpose of limited administrative access by Forest Service personnel; for fire and law enforcement for emergency purposes; and as authorized by a written special use permit or contract from the Forest Service.

Does the MVUM also show mechanized and non-motorized trails and over-snow vehicle uses? 

No. A visitor use map or recreation opportunity map provides information about motor vehicle routes as well as non-motorized routes, including mechanized trails, hiking, and horse trails. Over-snow vehicle use is exempted from designations on the MVUM. These maps are available for purchase at Forest Service offices. 

What do you mean by a season allowance? 

Some routes or areas may be open only during certain times of the year for various reasons, such as to reduce wildlife disturbance, protect users from unsafe or impassable conditions, and to reduce impacts to other natural resources. 

Are there road and trail route marker signs on the ground?

Routes designated for motor vehicle use may not always be marked or signed. In some cases, a route marker may exist at the entrance of the route with symbols indicating which classes of vehicle are allowed. Routes designated for motor vehicle use will be identified on the MVUM. It is the responsibility of the user to determine if they are on a route designated for the motor vehicle being used.