Roads Investment Plan

Photo showing major road slump with guardrail hanging down sideThe Forest Service’s Travel Management rule requires all National Forests to identify a road system that is financially and environmentally sustainable over the long term.

  • All forests are embarking on this effort.
  • Completion deadline: End of  fiscal year 2015.

Our approach: 

  • Develop a roads investment strategy for how to best use our limited road maintenance budget to maintain  public and resource manager access needs, while also protecting and restoring landscapes.
  • Analysis started in 2011
  • Next steps and timeline

Special Places Mapping

What places on the Willamette National Forest do you care about?

Show us and tell us using a new online tool that lets you draw and comment directly on an interactive map. 

Community Engagement

Roads, and the access they provide, touch every value that Willamette National Forest lands offer. Because of this, we plan to engage communities throughout the process.

  • How we are engaging communities
  • Upcoming meetings ~ Fall 2014:
    • Tuesday, October 7, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm at Oakridge High School auditorium, 47997 W 1st St, Oakridge, OR
    • Wednesday, October 15, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the Upper McKenzie Community Center, 54745 McKenzie River Drive, McKenzie Bridge, OR
    • Wednesday, October 29, 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Springfield Interagency Office, 3106 Pierce Parkway, Springfield, OR.

Road Access and Risk Analysis

Forest Service resource specialists have begun evaluating all 6,500 miles of roads on the Willamette National Forest. The analysis includes site specific evaluation of a road’s importance for public and administrative access, as well as the impacts of that road to aquatic and terrestrial resources.

I Want To Know More!

The Willamette National Forest is committed to making this effort transparent and engaging. There are many ways you can stay engaged with this important planning effort.

  • Website: This webpage will be updated throughout this planning process. Check back for updates, or sign up to receive updates over email.
  • Mailing list: To receive periodic updates through email, contact Matt Peterson at or 541-225-6421
  • Public meetings: When we schedule public meetings for this project, they will be listed on the website, sent out on the mailing list, and we will likely send a press release to local press

Project Next Steps and Timeline

  • Fall/winter 2013/2014
    • Continue to engage the public and to analyze road access values and risks
    • Meet with and contact local and forestwide communities,  governments, non-profit groups, recreation user groups, industry groups, and more.
  • Summer/Fall 2014
    • Public engagement around areas of opportunity, high priority, and/or significant public interest
    • Inventory and verify the condition of the road system
  • Summer 2015
    • Finish the Transportation Investment Strategy for the Willamette National Forest


Contact: Matt Peterson: 541-225-6421 or