Wilderness Permits

Entry permits are required between the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and October 31 for all visitors that enter all wildernesses in the Willamette and Deschutes National Forests. 

Self-Issue Permits

Self-Issue Permits are available at all wilderness trailheads for day and overnight visits to areas not affected by use limits. Self-issue permits are free.

They help us track trends in visitor use.

Limited Entry Area Permits

Limited Entry Area Permits are required for overnight and day visits to two areas:

The limited entry area permits to both areas are now available from the National Recreation Reservation Service.

Why limit entry to the Pamelia and Obsidian Lake areas?

The beauty of and easy access to these two popular alpine destinations resulted in severe overcrowding which threatened both the quiet and solitude of the primitive wilderness experience and the health of the landscape.

By limiting access to these areas, we can preserve the qualities that people love the most about them, both for now and for future generations:

  • the peace and quiet of the natural world 
  • the health of the surrounding plants, water and lakeshore

Designated campsite reservations

Camping overnight at one of the designated campsites in the Jefferson Park area requires a designated campsite reservation. The reservations are available from the National Recreation Reservation Service.