Wallow Fire History


The Wallow Fire started on May 29, 2011 and was declared 100% contained on July 8, 2011.  The size of the fire was reported as 538,049, the largest in recorded Arizona history.  A number of fire teams from across America assisted with suppression efforts side-by-side with local, county, state, federal, and volunteer efforts.  This webpage is here to provide information about the Wallow Fire.



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Wallow Fire
Wallow Fire BAER
Wallow Fire Recovery
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June 13 AM
June 13 PM
June 14 AM
June 14 PM
June 15 AM
June 15 PM
Wallow Fire: Morning Briefing Wallow Fire: In-field briefing Wallow Fire: Slurry drop with Hotshots
June 16 AM
June 16 PM
June 17 AM
June 17 PM
June 18 PM
Wallow Fire: Blaze Wallow Fire: Landscape Wallow Fire: Night Burn Fueling Up Drip Torches
June 19 AM
June 19 PM
June 21 AM
June 21 PM
Wallow Fire: Fire Truck Spraying Hose Wallow Fire: Slurry drop Wallow Fire: Engine
June 22 AM
June 22 PM
June 23 AM
June 23 PM
June 24 AM
June 24 PM
                Wallow Fire: Hotshots                Wallow Fire:Sky Crane Wallow Fire: Hotshot Walking Near Fire             
June 26 AM
June 27 AM
June 28 AM
June 29 AM
June 30 AM
July 1 AM
Wallow Fire: Fire Truck Wallow Fire: Night Burn Wallow Fire
July 2 AM July 3 AM July 4 AM