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Forest Order #04-00-146

There Are Three Unique Recreational Areas on the Coconino National Forest!

Pine Grove and Rattlesnake Quiet Areas

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Welcome to your National Forest! Several years ago, as a result of information and suggestions gathered during the public involvement portion of the preparation of the Coconino National Forest Land Management Plan, two "quiet areas" were established. These areas, the Pine Grove and the Rattlesnake Quiet Areas, are open much of the year to normal motorized traffic. map showing the Pine Grove Quiet AreaFrom August 15th to December 31st each year, the areas are special: they are open only to foot, horse, or bicycle traffic for the purpose of providing a unique, non-motorized recreational experience for the public.

Hunters, (the recreation group who requested this special area designation), desire areas where they can hunt on foot or horseback without the intrusion of motorized vehicles. Also, the value of the area during these special periods for wildlife, horseback riders, hikers, mountain bikers and other forest users cannot be overlooked. Wildlife, for example, benefit from the absence of noisy vehicles through stress reduction, much the same as you and I would, yet may still be hunted in these areas during regular hunting seasons. The hunters who prefer this "back to basics" approach, where the presence of a vehicle does not favor the hunter's success, and where the hunter's skills as a stalker and woodsman are everything, believe that "this is the way it was done in the old days" before people started "road hunting". In order to provide the experience intended, driving in the area to pick up a bagged animal is not allowed during the vehicle closure periods.

Map showing the Rattlesnake Quiet AreaThe areas themselves are different from other national Forest areas because of this distinctive designation. Fore example, during the spring and summer months they are accessible by motorized vehicles for fuelwood gathering, sightseeing, timber harvesting, and many other uses, the same as other areas of the forest. During the fall and winter, though, the area is treated somewhat like a wilderness area, where motorized vehicles are not allowed. Also, because wilderness areas of the Coconino National Forest are typically restricted to canyons, such as the Wet Beaver and fossil Creek Wilderness areas, or to steep mountainsides such as the Kachina Peaks and Kendrick Wilderness areas, these areas are unique. The rolling ponderosa pine forest lands within the Pine Grove Quiet Areas, for instance, are not commonly found in a non-motorized vehicle setting, making it a very special recreation opportunity. The Rattlesnake Quiet Area is exceptional, too, with it's steep canyons and rugged terrain.

These areas fit neatly into a special niche within the broad spectrum of recreation opportunities sought by today's public, a public seeking important "mid-point" recreational experience, not typical roaded areas, and not pure wilderness areas. So enjoy the Pine Grove Quiet Area and the Rattlesnake Quiet Area, and RESPECT IT by leaving only footprints as a record of your passing, whereby helping the Forest Service ensure such quality lands as these exist for future generations to enjoy. If you observe illegal activities please contact the Coconino National Forest's 24- hour hotline at 928-526-0600. Remember, only YOU can make an important difference in the care of your national forest lands!

Woods Canyon Big Game Winter Habitat Seasonal Closure Area

This area is closed to motor vehicles from December 15 to April 1 anually to minimize disturbance to big game winter habitats. Roads within the area are closed, but the road along the perimeter is Map showing the Woods Canyon Quiet Areaopen to motorized travel. Schnebly Hill Road (FR 153) is not affected by this closure. Hunting during season, hiking, horseback riding, and bicycling is allowed during this closure. Game retrieval using motorized vehicle is not permitted during the closure.