Current Flagstaff District Road Status

 *NOTE: Not all forest roads are listed here. This page lists main and frequented routes only and is updated only as new information becomes available. Always abide by on-the-ground closures/barricades.



 Click on the Forest Road link below to see where each road is located in Google Maps.  
FR's off of US-180 (From Flagstaff to SR-64)  
 FR 151 (north & south ends)  Open
 FR 151E @ FR 151 N  CLOSED
 FR 151E @ FR 151 S  CLOSED
 FR 164B  Open
 FR 164C  Open
 FR 191  Open
 FR 191C  Open
 FR 193  Open
 FR 222 @ Hwy 180  Open
 FR 222B @ Wing Mtn. Snow Play  Open
 FR 9216M @ Hwy 180  CLOSED
 FR 245  Open
 FR 247  Open
 FR 418 @ 773  Open
 FR 420, Schultz Pass


 FR 514, Kendrick Park  Open
 FR 516, Snowbowl Road  Open
 FR 522, Freidlein Prairie Road  Open
 FR 523  Open
 FR 557, Elden Lookout Road  Open
 FR 760  Open
 FR 794  Open
 FR 794 @ FR 151  Open
 FR 9230W @ Wing Mtn. Snow Play  Open
 FR 9236, Crowley Pit Area  Open
 Peak View Rest Area  Open
 FR's off of I-17  
 FR 78, Newman Park Exit  Open
 FR 80, Rocky Park Exit west  Open
 FR 80, Rocky Park Exit east  Open
 FR 153, Schnebly Hill Road  Open
 FR 226, across from Schnebly Hill Road  Open
 FR 240 @ Pinewood  Open
 FR 253, Newman Park Exit  Open
 FR 253, Willard Springs Road  Open
 FR 253B, Willard Springs Exit  Open
 FR 631, Kelly Canyon Exit west  Open
 FR 700  Open
 FR 700H, Kelly Canyon Exit east  Open
 Fox Ranch Exit, west side  CLOSED
 Iron Springs- Munds ATV Access  Open
 Janice Place- Munds ATV Access  Open
FR's off of I-40  
 FR 82 @ Winona  Open
 FR 126 @ Twin Arrows  Open
 FR 128 At Shooting Range (128A)  Open
 FR 145 @ Coconino Boundary  Open
 FR 171, Bellemont Access @ I-40  Open
 FR 171 @ Kaibab NF Boundary  Open
 FR 171C @ Transwestern Pumping Station  Open
 FR 222A @ FR 171  Open
 FR 231 Woody Mtn Road @ FR 533 to Rogers Lake  Open
 FR 231 Woody Mtn Road @ Rogers Lake to South  Open
 FR 506 @ A-1 interchange  Open
 FR 515 from Curling Smoke to FR 506  CLOSED
 FR 518 @ FR 506  Open
 FR 518 @ Transwestern pipeline  Open
 FR 527 - Garland Prairie  CLOSED
 FR 533@ FR 231  CLOSED
FR's off of I-40 and Winona  
 FR 128 to Marshall Lake  Open
FR's off of FR 303, Walnut Canyon Area  
 FR 301 on both ends  Open
 FR 301D  Open
FR's off of SR-89A (Flagstaff to Sedona)  
 FR 237  Open
 FR 533  Open
 FR 533B  Open
 FR 9416Q, Mexican Pocket  Open
FR's off of US-89 (Northeast of Flagstaff)  
 End of Forest Dr.  Open
 FR 417  Open
 FR 418, Around the Peaks Loop  Open
 FR 420, Schultz Pass


 FR 514  Open
 FR 552, Lockett Meadow  Open
 FR 556, Elden Springs  Open
 FR 776  Open
 FR 6064D @ Campbell Ave.


FR's off of Lake Mary Road Corridor (FH3)  
 FR 3E  Open
 FR 82 @ 125 Kinnikinnik access  Open
 FR 82E, Ashurst Lake Road  Open
 FR 90E @ FH 3  Open
 FR 90E @ FH 90  Open
 FR 91, Bear Park  Open
 FR 124  Open
 FR 124C  Open
 FR 125 Kinnikinnik access  Open
 FR 125 @ 126 Kinnikinnik access  Open
 FR 128 Marshall Lake  Open
 FR 129A @ Anderson Mesa Observatory  Open
 FR 132 @ 90  Open
 FR 132 @ 132D  Open
 FR 219 @ 90  Open
 FR 240 @ 90  Open
 FR 296 @ Howard Draw  Open
 FR 716B (both ends)  CLOSED
 FR 725  Open
 FR 867  Open
FR's near Mountainaire  
 FR 235  Open
 FR 235 @ 235A  Open
 FR 707  Open
 FR 762  Open
 FR 762L  Open
Seasonal Road Closures  
 Nordic Center Seasonal Road Closure  CLOSED
 Pine Grove Seasonal Closure  Open
 Rattlesnake Seasonal Closure  Open
 Wing Mt. Winter Recreation Area Seasonal Closure  Open
 Woods Seasonal Closure  Open