Land & Resources Management

Forest Orders

Title 36 of the Code of Federal Regulations 261.50 (a) gives each Forest Supervisor the authority to issue orders which close or restrict use of the of described areas within the area over which he/she has jurisdiction. An order may close an area to entry or may restrict the use of an area by applying any or all of the prohibitions authorized in Title 36, Part 261, Subpart B, of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Regional and Forest Orders:

Date Order # Expires Title District(s)
05-20-2015 04-15-04-R 04-30-2025 Camping and Campfire Restriction (Kelly Pocket area, south of Kachina Village) Flagstaff
04-30-2015 04-15-03-R 05-01-2017 Bicycle Restriction (Note correction: "Caner Canyon" actually refers to "Casner Canyon" as the northern boundary of the Schnebly Hill Area restriction) Red Rock
04-22-2015 R03-004 06-01-2017 Regional Closure Order - Fireworks, Explosives, Spark Arrestors Southwestern Region
03-30-2015 R03-003 03-31-2017 Motor Vehicle Code Order State-wide
03-25-2015 12-15-256 04-15-2017 Fossil Creek Road Partial Closure (Tonto National Forest-specific; renewal of Forest Order 12-13-002) Tonto NF
01-06-2015 04-15-01 01-31-2017 Woody Ridge Closure Flagstaff
10-07-2014 04-14-11-R 04-31-2015 Temporary Closure for Blue Ridge Reservoir Mogollon Rim
09-30-2014 04-14-13-R 09-30-2015 Oak Creek Canyon Closure Area & A.B. Young Trail Closure Red Rock
07-10-2014 04-14-04-R 07-10-2016 Fossil Creek Special Restrictions Red Rock & Tonto NF
07-03-2014 04-14-02-E 03-07-2016 Use of Vehicles Over Restricted Bridges Flagstaff & Red Rock
01-30-2014 04-14-01 R 01-30-2016 Cinch Hook Pit Closure Order Mogollon Rim
09-10-2013 04-13-14-R 09-01-2015 Glass Containers Prohibited in Oak Creek Area Red Rock
08-22-2013 04-13-15-R 09-01-2015 Glass Containers Prohibited in Fossil Creek Area Red Rock Dist & Tonto NF
06-07-2013 04-13-09-F 06-07-2015 Campfire Restrictions (Mt. Elden area, Dry Lake Hills, Chimney Springs and Little Elden Spgs) Flagstaff
05-24-2013 04-13-07-R 05-24-2015 Wet Beaver Creek - Camping & Campfire Restrictions Red Rock
02-14-2012 12-13-002 04-15-2015 Fossil Creek Road Partial Closure (Tonto National Forest-specific; see renewal Forest Order 12-15-256) Tonto NF
02-13-2012 04-13-03-F 05-01-2015 Stehr Lake Campfire Restriction Red Rock
02-06-2012 04-12-01-R 02-06-2017 Special Restrictions for the Verde River Red Rock Dist. & Tonto NF
10-30-2005 04-05-08-R Until Rescinded Kinder Springs - Motorized Vehicle Restrictions Mogollon Rim
06-08-2005 04-05-03 Until Rescinded Possession Of Alcoholic Beverages Forest-Wide
05-13-2003 04-95-161 Until Rescinded Day Use Only - Clear Creek Dispersed Recreation Area Red Rock
05-13-2003 04-148 Until Rescinded Use Restrictions - West Clear Creek / Clear Creek Campground / Wet Beaver Creek Canyon Red Rock
06-14-2002 04-02-07-R Until Rescinded Sycamore Creek/Parsons Trail Area Red Rock
12-21-2000 04-00-07-R Until Rescinded Camping/Campfires Prohibited Stage Stop and Dry Beaver Creek Area Red Rock
12-02-2000 04-00-146 Until Rescinded Off-road Vehicle Restrictions and Quiet Areas Forest-Wide
05-23-2000 04-00-01-R Until Rescinded Camping/Campfires Prohibited Sedona Ranger District Red Rock
10-08-1999 04-99-09-R Until Rescinded Developed Campground Stay Limits/Prohibitions Forest-Wide
10-01-1999 04-99-06-R Until Rescinded Glass Food/Beverage Containers Prohibited Red Rock
10-01-1999 04-99-08-R Until Rescinded Dispersed Camping Stay Limits Forest-Wide
01-01-1999 04-99-02-R Until Rescinded Camping/Fires Prohibited Red Rock
01-25-1997 16-0412-97 Until Rescinded Childs Dispersed Rec area Camping Restrictions/Nudity Prohibited Red Rock
08-03-1995 04-123-R Until Rescinded Lake Mary Water Prohibitions-Restrictions Flagstaff
08-03-1995 04-112-R Until Rescinded Camping/Campfires Prohibited Flagstaff
03-10-1994 04-94-76-R Until Rescinded Temp. Vehicle Restrictions Road Closures - Forest Roads for Wet or Hazardous Conditions - Public Health and Safety Protection of Property or Wildlife Forest-Wide
07-14-1993 4-90-R Until Rescinded Possessing/Storing/Transporting Trees/Plants Forest-Wide
05-10-1993 04-153 Until Rescinded Area Closure Rock Climbing/Repelling Prohibited Red Rock
02-19-1991 04-149 Until Rescinded Prohibited Uses City of Flagstaff Watershed - Inner Basin Area Flagstaff
02-04-1991 04-147 Until Rescinded Senecio Franciscanus Habitat on the San Francisco Peaks Flagstaff
08-16-1990 04-139 Until Rescinded Honanki/Palatki Ruins - Red Canyon Ranch Use Restrictions Red Rock
10-23-1984 16-52 Until Rescinded Coconino & Prescott Special Closure to Protect Rare and Endangered Wildlife Seasonal- Recurring Annually Red Rock
05-18-1984 04-80 Until Rescinded Occupancy and Use of Stoneman Lake Red Rock & Mogollon Rim