Tropic to Hatch 138 KV Transmission Line Project

The Forest Supervisor of the Dixie National Forest has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Statement to address potential effects of a proposed project by Garkane Energy Cooperative (Garkane) to construct, operate and maintain a 138 kilovolt (kV) electric transmission line requiring a Special Use Authorization, Grant of Right-of-Way, and/or Special Use Permit for a Right-of-Way. The proposed project will include the construction of a 138kV transmission line, associated substations, access roads and the removal and reclamation of a portion of the existing transmission line.

Final Environmental Impact Statement Documents

Legal Notice

Record of Decision

Letter to Citizens

Final Environmental Impact Statement

Figure 1 - Proposed Action and Action Alternative Routes

Figure 2 - Alternative E, Agency Preferred alternative

Figure 3.2-2 - Potentential Fossil Yield Classification in the Project Area

Comment Letters - Comments received from the public

Draft Environmental Impact Statement Documents

Cover, Abstract, Table of Contents, Acronyms
Executive Summary
Chapter One - Purpose and Need for Action
Chapter Two - Proposed Action and Alterantives
Chapter Three - Affected Environment
Chapter Four - Environmental Consequences
Chapter Five - Consultation and Coordination
References Cited
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C

Maps and Figures


Figure 1.1-1 - Project Area
Figure 2.2-1 - Proposed Action and Action Alternative Routes
Figure 2.4-1 - Alternative A Proposed Action
Figure 2.5-1 - Alternative B Parallel 69 KV Line Route
Figure 2.6-1 - Alternative C Cedar Fork Southern Route
Figure 2.11-1 - Preferred Alternative
Figure 3.2-1 - Geologic Formations in the Project Area
Figure 3.2-2 - Potential Fossil Yield Classification in the Project Area
Figure 3.3-1 - Highly Erodible Soils
Figure 3.4-1 - Surface Water Resources
Figure 3.4-2 - Wetlands
Figure 3.4-3 - Water Rights POD
Figure 3.5-1 - Biotic Soils and Weed Infestations
Figure 3.6-1 - Areas Suitable for Timber Management
Figure 3.7-1 - Crucial and Substantial Big Game Habitat
Figure 3.8-1 - Special Status Species Habitat
Figure 3.9-1 - Land Ownership Grazing Allotments Pastures Range Improvements
Figure 3.10-1 - Garfield County Land Ownership
Figure 3.10-2 - Private Property Land Uses
Figure 3.11-1 - Distinctive Land Areas in Project Vicinity
Figure 3.12-1 - ROS Inventoried Areas, Developed Recreation Sites and Trails
Figure 3.13-1 - Viewpoints used for Visual Analysis and Visual Resource Designations - West
Figure 3.13-2 - Viewpoints used for Visual Analysis and Visual Resource Designations - East
Figure 3.16-1 - Transportation and Alternative Alignments Map
Figure 4.19-1 - General CEA
Figure 4.19-2 - CEA for Wildlife and Special Status Species
Figure 4.19-3 - CEA for Socioeconomics

Specialist Reports

Cultural Resources with addendum

Distinctive Land Areas with addendum

Forest Products with addendum

Paleontological Resources with addendum

Range Resources with addendum

Recreation Resources with addendum

Socioeconomics and Environmental Justice

Soil Resources with addendum

Threatened, Endangered, and Sensitive Species

Transportation with addendum

Vegetation with addendum

Visual Resources with addendum

Water Resources with addendum

Wildlife Resources with Addendum