Resource Management

Dixie National Forest 1986 Land and Resource Management Plan

This Forest Plan document and amendments serve as a guide for all natural resource management activities and establishes management standards and guidelines for the Dixie National Forest. It describes resource management practices, levels of resource production and management, and the availability and suitability of lands for resource management.

These documents are pdf files that have been scanned from the original paper copies, thus they are not compliant with Section 508 of the Handicapped Accessibility Act. the original electronic documents are no longer available.

Dixie National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan - 1986 - (308 pages, 10 megabytes)

Maps - (3 pages, 1197 kilobytes) - This document includes three maps scanned from the originals.  They are:

  1. Alternatives A and D, Current Program, and Current Budget
  2. Final Management Area Map Page 1
  3. Final Management Area Map Page 2


The 1986 Forest Plan has been amended over the years, amendments available at this time have been included as links in the table below.

Amendment Log

Log Number Date Approved Amendment Name File Size Description
1 May 5, 1987 Designation of Red Canyon RNA 31 pages, 1317 kilobytes Added Red Canyon RNA and added 460 acres to MA 10A.
2 July 1987 Utah Wilderness Alliance Settlement Agreement 8 pages, 356 kilobytes The Forest Travel map was modified to restrict motorized vehicle use in designated unroaded areas identified in the Utah Wilderness Alliance (UWA) settlement agreement.
3 February 15, 1990 Designation of Timbered Cinder Cone RNA 52 pages, 2623 kilobytes Added Timbered Cinder Cone RNA and added 640 acres to MA 10A.
4 January 1991 Strawberry Ridge Timber Sale FEIS/ROD 19 pages, 1469 kilobytes This decision site-specifically amended the visual quality objectives along Road #058 and the first half-mile along Road #239 within the analysis area.
5 April 1991 Animal Damage Control 13 pages, 369 kilobytes This amendment implements the Dixie National Forest-wide ADC program. The decision implemented specific guidelines for authorization, timing, monitoring, and method of animal damage control activities on the Dixie National Forest.
6  1991 Designation of Table Cliff RNA  27 pages, 1076 kilobytes Added Table Cliff RNA and added 1235 acres to MA 10A. 
7 and 7a September 1995 Brian Head Recovery Project FEIS/ROD  20 pages, 1281 kilobytes This decision removed the yellow-breasted chat as a Management Indicator Species for the desired riparian habitat condition.
8 January 1996  South Creek-Under Barney Salvage Sale  12 pages, 1281 kilobytes This decision modified the allowable road width Standards and Guidelines language in the Forest Plan 
 9  July 1996 Animal Damage Control  14 pages, 907 kilobytes

This decision amended the general direction, standards and guidelines in the Dixie National Forest LRMP (Land and Resource Management Plan) to be aligned with the roles and responsibilities outlined in:

  • The 1993 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between APHIS and the Forest Service,
  • The 1995 final national policy on Animal Damage management and revised Forest Service Manual (FSM 2650) direction concerning animal damage control, and
  • The February 26, 1996 APHIS Record of Decision for Wildlife Damage Management for the Richfield Animal Damage Control District
10 August 1997  Boulder Top Watershed and Fisheries Restoration Project DN/FONSI 41 pages, 2774 kilobytes This decision site-specifically amended the management area allocation from MA 7A (Timber Emphasis) to MA 2A (Semi-Primitive Recreation) on approximately 30,000 acres within the project area.
11a and 11b November 20, 1998 Designation of two RNAs: Browse-Sand Creek RNA and Upper Sand Creek RNA 11a: 128 pages, 11,715 kilobytes
11b: 110 pages, 10,897 kilobytes 
Added Browse-Sand Creek RNA and the Upper Sand Creek RNA and amended the Forest Plan with management direction, changed total acres in MA 10A to 6740. Establishment Record for the Browse RNA. Establishment Record for the Upper Sand Creek RNA
12 June 10, 1999  Revised ROD 30 pages, 2667 kilobytes FEIS for South Spruce Ecosystem Rehabilitation Project. Added Scenery Management System to Forest Plan. Original decision (December 18, 1998) and remanded and reissued June 1999.
13 March 14, 2000  Goshawk Amendment DN/FONSI 31 pages, 2558 kilobytes  Added Standards and Guidelines for the management of Goshawk 
14 April 14, 2000  Noxious Weed Management for the Dixie National Forest DN/FONSI 9 pages, 508 kilobytes  Added Goals, Objectives, Standards, Guidelines for Noxious Weed Management 
15 June 2000  Scenery Management System EA, DN/FONSI 10 pages, 752 kilobytes  This non-significant amendment implemented forest-wide and management area specific direction consistent with the Scenery Management System for inventory, evaluation, and management of scenic resources. 
16 Oct 5, 2000 Ranch Creek DN/FONSI and EA Map 11 pages, 629 kilobytes This decision amended the LRMP to show Ranch Creek as Management Area 9A (Riparian Management), and the prior location as 5A (Big Game Winter Range). The complete Modified Proposed Action description may be viewed in Chapters I and 2 of the EA. The GIS corporate layer has been modified to reflect this.
17 2001  Botanical Area DN/FONSI 4 pages, 199 kilobytes  Designation of Red Canyon Botanical Area 
18 August 2001  Utah Fire Amendment DN/FONSI 16 pages, 1212 kilobytes  This non-significant amendment added management direction (goal, standards and guidelines) for future management considerations. The direction addresses fire suppression as well as where prescribed fire and wildlife fire use are authorized.
19 December 11, 2002  Brian Head Expansion DN/FONSI 7 pages, 433 kilobytes 

Amend the Forest Plan to change MA in expansion to 1B.
Amend the Forest Plan to mitigate the loss of 158 acres of suitable Goshawk forage in habitat and to change 191 acres from MA 1 to 4B.

20 October 20, 2003 Red Wing Ranch DN/FONSI 7 pages, 407 kilobytes  Amend the Forest plan to change MA designations in the Red Wing Ranch Special Use Permit project area. 
21 August 20, 2004  Lower Bowns DN/FONSI 8 pages, 553 kilobytes  Amend the forest Plan to change MA designations in the Lower Bowns Recreation Complex project area. 
22  December 10, 2008

Wild and Scenic Rivers Suitability Study
Amendment to Wild and Scenic Rivers Suitability Study

77 pages, 15,935 kilobytes
43 pages, 3,999 kilobytes 
Recommends Death Hollow Creek, Mamie Creek, North Fork Virgin River, and Pine Creek as suitable Wild and Scenic River segments and amends the Forest Plan with direction for their management.
23 January 14, 2009 West Wide Energy Corridor 79 pages, 3.84MB
This Record of Decision (ROD) documents the decision that I (representing the Department of
Agriculture (USDA)) have reached to designate Section 368 energy corridors on National Forest
System (NFS) lands through amendment of LMPs.
24 April 16, 2009  Motorized Travel Plan 44 pages, 3,405 kilobytes  Amends Forest Plan direction to match decision on managing transportation system and prohibiting cross-country motor vehicle travel. 
25 June 8, 2010 Aquatic Monitoring Amendment 26 pages, 416 kilobytes This amendment updates and clarifies Management Indicator Species for fish habitat and associated direction and monitoring.
26 Aug 2011 Dixie Oil and Gas Leasing EIS 187 pages, 23.24 MB
The purpose of this Record of Decision (ROD) is to document USFS decisions
regarding: which lands will be administratively available for oil and gas leasing in accordance
with 36 CFR 228.102(d) and authorization of BLM to offer specific lands for lease where BLM is currently
considering leasing.
27 August 20, 2013 Fishlake Oil & Gas ROD and Appendix I 70 pages, 3.40 MB This ROD amends the Dixie LRMP as amended (i.e., the 2011 Oil & Gas Leasing ROD/FEIS) to include direction on oil & gas the Teasdale Ranger District administered by the Fishlake NF. Appendix I, scanned in with the ROD, indicates changes.

DN = Decision Notice
EA = Environmental Analysis
FONSI - Finding of No Significant Impact
MA = Management Area
RNA = Research Natural Area
ROD = Record of Decision