Gifford Pinchot National Forest Closure Orders


Order Number Title Date: dd/mm/yyyy District(s)
R06-2013-01 Closure Order-Fireworks 08/21/2013 Regional
R06-2013-02 Closure Order-Explosives and Exploding Targets 08/21/2013 Regional
06-03-01-13-01 Coldwater and JRO-Alcohol and Food Prohibition 05/29/2013 MSHNVM
06-03-03-11-01 Special Area closure-Fish Ladder 05/27/2011 Mt. Adams
R6-2009-001 Weed Free Hay and Crop Products 02/10/2009 Regional
06-03-01-08-07 Special Area closure-Mt St Helens-Area #2 12/22/2008 MSHNVM
GP-07-001 Camping and overnight parking-42 Road 05/24/2007 MSHNVM
R6-2007-001 Weed Free Hay and Crop Products Wilderness 04/13/2007 Regional
GP-05-003 Camping Stay Limit Prohibition 07/15/2005 Forest
GP-05-002 National Forest System Roads 07/01/2005 Forest
GP-00-001 Discharging Firearm-Kalama Horse Camp Area 08/11/2000 MSHNVM
NVM -99-001 Special Area closure-Mt Margaret Backcountry 10/19/1999 MSHNVM
GP-99-013 Motorboat use restrictions on Forest Lakes 07/30/1999 Forest
GP-99-016 Prohibition Camping/Pack Animals-Tatoosh Lakes Basin 06/15/1999 CVRD
GP-99-015 Restriction Motor use-Packwood Lake 06/15/1999 CVRD
GP-99-013 Special Area closure-Packwood Lake Island 06/15/1999 CVRD
GP-99-012 Special Area closure-Protect Biological Community 04/13/1999 Forest
GP-99-008 Violate Posted instruction on Trails 04/13/1999 Forest
GP-99-002 Possession of Marijuana 04/13/1999 Forest
GP-99-010 Carelessly Operating a motor vehicle 04/13/1999 Forest
GP-99-006 Violate Posted Road maintenance signs 04/13/1999 Forest
GP-99-005 Violate Instructions-Leaving Vehicle 04/13/1999 Forest
GP-99-003 Possessing alcoholic beverage by Minor 04/13/1999 Forest
GP-99-001 Commercial hauling 04/13/1999 Forest
R-95-008 Special Area closure-Vehicles at Blue Lake & Parking area 06/14/1995 CVRD
R-95-007 Special Area closure-Mt St Helens 06/09/1995 MSHNVM
R-95-006 Special Area closure-Coldwater Lake 06/09/1995 MSHNVM
R-95-005 Special Area closure- Mt St Helens 06/09/1995 MSHNVM
R-94-006 Special Area closure-Lewis River Horse Camp 08/03/1994 MSHNVM
R-93-004 Special Area closure-Mt St Helens-Area #3 05/14/1993 MSHNVM
R-93-007 Special Area closure-Entry into Wilderness 05/06/1993 Forest
R-94-003 Prohibits Shortcutting a trail switchback 05/06/1993 Forest
R-94-004 Wilderness Use Restrictions 05/06/1993 Regional
PNW 92-01 Prohibits Vehicle use in PNW/Wind River 10/20/1992 Mt. Adams
R-92-06 Restrict Camping & Campfires in Wilderness (139-B) 05/18/1992 Forest
R-90-006 Special Area closure- Mt St Helens-Area #1 04/23/1990 MSHNVM
89-10 Prohibition-Alcoholic beverage In Ape Cave 10/26/1989 MSHNVM
R-89-06 Prohibition-Cats or Dogs in Caves Mt. St. Helens 09/12/1989 MSHNVM
RF-2 Requires spark arrestor 06/12/1989 Regional
RF-3 Industrial Fire Precaution Levels 06/12/1989 Regional
R-88-5 Prohibition-Motor vehicles, Pack animals, and Camping 11/04/1988 MSHNVM
88-4 Prohibition-Bicycle use on Pacific Crest Trail 08/31/1988 Regional
R-87-03 Prohibition-Camping and Campfires in described area 02/06/1987 MSHNVM
R-87-04 Prohibition-Campfires, Smoking, Firearms in caves 02/06/1987 MSHNVM
R6-86-14 Prohibition-Camping and Campfires in described area 08/18/1986 MSHNVM