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Outdoor Heritage Days

little girl matching tracks

Kids love to play the animal track matching game! (photo credit: P. Owens)

2013 Outdoor Heritage Day Brochure

2013 Activty Packet

Kids, Parents, Grandparents and Friends get a taste of the great outdoors during the annual  Outdoor Heritage Days in Grand Junction and Delta. Smokey Bear, the Forest Service and many other agency and outdoor groups provide a day filled with fun outdoor activities, including fishing clinics, archery contests, orienteering, GPS scavenger hunts, rock climbing, shooting, nature hikes, bird migration obstacle course, gold panning, a hunting simulator and much more.  Stations are set up with representatives from land management agencies and non-profit organizations to answer questions and provide all the information needed to start planning summer outings! 



young boy fishing    Little girls hugging Smokey

Trying out the new fishing rod. Several hundred rods are given away at the events sponsored by "Pathway to Fishing."


Smokey is a featured guest at both Outdoor Heritage Day events. A good reminder of fire awareness at the start of summer outings! 

Forest service table with employees working OHD   Brenda providn information on the cabin contest

Staff from the Delta Supervisor's Office provide pamphlets, MVUM maps, posters, fun Smokey Bear items and other information for visitors


The Grand Valley Ranger District is sponsoring a contest focused on exploring the Grand Mesa National Forest. The winner receives a one-night stay at a Forest Service Cabin. (2013 OHD brochure, cabin contest).

anne Williams handing out FS information   Sherry helping identify animal fur

Visitors to the Forest Service Station receive Smokey Bear goodies, camping information and a friendly smile from our staff.  


Deputy Forest Supervisor Sherry Hazelhurst shows animal pelts of mammals found on our forest to an excited young participant.

Jane helping match the tracks   kids matching tracks with the animal

Jane helps this young girl match the track with the mammal.


Stumped by the river otter tracks!

Lee Ann asking forest trivia questions   Man explaing bird skins to young girls

Do you know your facts about the GMUG National Forest? Take a turn  at the jeopardy game and see what you know about trees, wildlife, water, the forest and, of course, Smokey! 


It's not all about fish! The Black Canyon Audubon Society use museum bird specimens to "show and tell" kids about birds in our area.

Kadin showing boys the GPS unit   Forest service employee helps kids learn how to use the GPS unit

Techno- savvy kids are always willing  to try out a new gadget! 


Forest Service summer seasonals explain how to find waypoints and locate the geocached bags of goodies.

man teaching boy how to cast   Mom helps child reel in a fish

A casting coach instructs a new angler.


Young anglers can learn a few tips at the free fishing clinic.

 FS employee explaining how GPS units work    Gene excplaing how GPS units work

Forest Service GIS Specialist explains how satellites are used for global positioning systems (GPS).


The Forest Service Surveyor explains how GPS units work before the kids set out on a geocached scavenger hunt.

 Smokey is the most popular guest at the Outdoor Heritage Day Events!

little girls examining smokeys feet

 My what big and furry feet you have!


little boy standing next to smokey Smokey standing near little girl
photo of smokey with a woman holding infant Smokey with 2 boys holding fishing rods
Smokey posed with 2 little boys  2 kids posing with smokey
Smokey poses with the TV interviewer FS employees standing in row

Smokey has his own "PR" person!

Join us at the Outdoor Heritage Days in Delta  (June 1, 2013) and Grand Junction (April 27, 2013).