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The Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest has begun revising their Forest Plan. This section provides information on the Forest planning process and how you can learn more and become involved. It will be updated and revised as new information becomes available.

Here you will find information and links to planning documents and reports, dates for meetings, press releases, maps, briefing papers and ways to comment or be involved in the process. If you have questions regarding the below documents,  please send an email to hlcplanrevision@fs.fed.us.

New Information

Public Participation

Upcoming Public Workshops

To date, the revision team has hosted two rounds of public workshops on the need to change and desired future conditions of the HLC National Forest. The next round of workshops (see below) will focus on getting public input on forest plan areas such as recommended wilderness and lands suitable for timber production. 

While the workshops will include a brief review of the revision process to date, the majority of the time will be spent working in small groups - gathering input on forest resource management areas.  The above link provides an overview of some potential forest categories in the new forest plan.  We need your input!

Can’t attend a meeting? You can still submit comments on these resources areas to hlcplanrevision@fs.fed.us by March 11th.

The revision team recently released the results of two processes required as part of revision: 1) identification of lands that may be suited for timber production; and 2) the wilderness inventory. Both of these inventories represent the first step in a multi-step process that will eventually help inform a draft forest plan. Not all lands identified in these inventories will move forward through the process for further consideration and no decisions have been made on either process.

Please help us spread the word about these upcoming workshops in your communities.

Community Workshop Location





Feb 29, 2016

9 am-12 pm

Townsend Library

White Sulphur Springs

Feb 29, 2016

5 – 8 pm

White Sulphur Springs High School library


Mar 1, 2016

9 am-12 pm

Harlowton Library


Mar 1, 2016

5 – 8 pm

Stanford City Hall

Great Falls

Mar 2, 2016

5 – 8 pm

Great Falls Civic Center, Gibson Room


Mar 3, 2016

9 am-12 pm

Stage Stop Inn


Mar 3, 2016

5 – 8 pm

Browning High School cafeteria


Mar 4, 2016

1 – 4 pm

Lincoln Community Center


Mar 7, 2016

5 – 8 pm

Jorgenson’s Inn and Suites

Other Revision Materials

Past Open Houses and Informational Materials (Summer 2014)

Process and Timeframe


Since the release of the 1986 Helena and Lewis & Clark Forest Land and Management Plans, the Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest natural resources and the communities surrounding the Forest have changed and new information and technologies are now available to help us analyze and plan on how to best manage the Forest into the future. We face different opportunities and challenges now than we did then. The new forest plan will be developed using the 2012 forest planning rule which places greater emphasis on collaboration and public involvement than ever before. While we have good relationships with many of our partners, stakeholders, neighbors and visitors we need more information and input to move forward with this important planning effort.

Forest Plans provide strategic direction to guide management of forest resources and provide a framework for decision making on site-specific projects and activities. The new planning rule directs Forest Plans to be science-based and developed collaboratively with stakeholders interested in the management of national forests. The Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest is committed to collaboration, improving transparency in the process, and strengthening the role of public involvement through dialogue on Forest plan issues.

Comments on the Plan Revision Process

We need your help in planning the future of the Forest. If you would like to send comments or suggestions about Forest Plan revision you can send an email to: hlcplanrevision@fs.fed.us.

Keep Informed

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