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Mining Time Line

Mining Time Line


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1848              Gold is discovered California.  ‘Gold Fever’ initiates one of the world’s greatest migrations.

1858              Gold and silver are discovered in Dayton.

1859              Nevada’s Comstock Lode opens at Virginia City. Investment primarily comes from California interests.

1860s            Prospectors begin searching other mountain ranges in the territory.

1864              The State of Nevada is created.

1865              American Civil War ends, boosting overseas confidence and investment.

1866              Town of Reveille appears south of Railroad Valley

                       Town of Belmont appears several miles west of Railroad Valley

1867              Town of Hot Creek appears west of Railroad Valley

           *          Early Troy discoveries and prospecting

1868              Treasure City and Hamilton are formed in the White Pine Mining District. Towns reach a combined population over 10,000 and are major urban hubs in central Nevada, second in the state only to the Comstock. British investment in the District is heavy.

           Grant City is formed south of Troy in the adjacent canyon.

Hot Creek begins to fold.

1869              The Transcontinental Railroad is completed across northern Nevada. Movement of people and goods is significantly cheaper and faster. ‘Civilization’ reaches the West. Numerous stage lines connect Central Nevada with the railroad.

           Shermantown is formed near Hamilton.

                       Eberhardt is formed near Hamilton.

*         November.  Reports of possible Troy riches are read in Bacup and Rosendale, England.

1870              Hamilton and Shermantown begin to fold. Miners move to Eureka.

                       Grant City folds.

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Eberhardt survives mining crash with British investments in the Eberhardt and Aurora Mining Co, Ltd.

  *       June.  Aitken and Newton travel from England and visit the Troy mines. Their travel requires a stop in Hamilton, where they witness successful mines fed by other British investments.

  *       October.  Troy Silver Mining Company is formed in England. Work begins on the surface works (mine, mill, buildings, road) at Troy. Population: 70.

1871    *         Mill construction begins at Troy.  The Troy complex was later described as being built in the “most luxurious English style.”

1870-1871    Peak years of British investment in Western mines, not surpassed until the mid-1880s.  Nevada contains more British-organized companies than any other Intermountain state, and is second in emigrant British population only to Utah (large British Mormon influx).  Colorado vigorously competes for British mining investment, not to surpass Nevada until the 1880s.

1872     *        Two years later, no silver was yet produced at Troy

1873              Eberhardt begins to fold.

Town of Cherry Creek appears northeast of Hamilton.

  *       Three years after its formation, Troy finally produces two silver bars, promises more.

1874              Town of Tybo appears across Railroad Valley south of abandoned Hot Creek.

  *       Troy announces 12 bars of silver ready to ship. This is the last report of any production at the mine or mill.

1875    *       Work is suspended at Troy, abandoned the following year.  Mine equipment is sold and shipped to the Ward Mining District.

1876              Ward Mining District and community are formed.

                        and the cycle continues…

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