Covelo Ranger District

COMMUNITY: Covelo is nestled in Round Valley, 32 miles through the mountains off Hway 101 north of Willits, California.  It is the headquarters for the Covelo Ranger District of the Mendocino National Forest in Region Five.

LOCATION: The District Office is located 1.5 miles north of Covelo on State highway 162. The Eel River Work Center serves the district during the summer months. Eel River Work Center is located 9 miles east of the District Office on County Road 338. One other station serves the District for fire control, Beaver Glade, north of Eel River Work Center. Covelo's main shopping and business centers are Willits (45 miles) and Ukiah (65 miles). San Francisco and Eureka are within 3 1/2 hours travel time over an excellent highway. There is an airport (Mendocino County Airport) located the town of Covelo, has a 3,300 foot runway with rotating beacon and pilot-activated night lights.

POPULATION AND ACTIVITIES: Covelo is mostly dependent upon state and local government payrolls and agriculture products for its livelihood.  The population of Covelo is approximately 1500 and Round Valley has a population of approximately 3000.

Many people visit the District yearly as recreationists and hunters.

Approximately 100,650 acres of the Middle Eel-Yolla Bolly Wilderness Area is located on the District. There are four improved campgrounds (Hammerhorn, Eel River, Little Doe and Howard Lake Recreation Area) on the District and numerous hunter campsites.

There are many community activities enjoyed by visitors and they are FFA Field Day held on Mother's Day weekend, Blackberry Festival held on the second weekend in August, and the annual community Rodeo held on Labor Day weekend, Nome Cult Walk held around the second week in September and the Lioness Christmas Crafts Fair held in December.

ELEVATION AND CLIMATE: The elevation of Covelo is 1,500 feet.  Some of the peaks on the District go as high as 7,440 feet. The summers here are rather hot and dry. Nightime temperatures during the summer are cool and pleasant. Snow can be expected from mid-November through mid-April at the higher elevations of the District.

Usually winter storms restrict travel on the District. Occasionally travel to Highway 101 could be restricted by storms for a few hours. Average rainfall is 40 inches.

MEDICAL FACILITIES: The community has a clinic with a doctor and dentist, also a family nurse practitioner available on weekdays. Nearest hospital facilities are in Willits and Ukiah. There is a Volunteer Fire Department and a volunteer ambulance service. There is a Senior Citizen Center where lunches are served.

  • Round Valley Indian Health Center
    Phone: 707-983-6181
  • Volunteer Fire Dept. and Ambulance
    For emergency call 911
    For business 707-983-6719

MOTELS: There is one motel in Covelo, rates are normal for northwestern California.

  • Wagon Wheel Motel
    Hwy 162
    Covelo, CA 95428

GENERAL: The scenic beauty of Round Valley and the surrounding hills and mountains is enjoyable during all seasons. Hiking, riding and rock hounding, and snowshoeing in the winter on FH7 draw many people to this area. The many facilities of Covelo (three grocery stores, one bank (Tri County), one gas station (Redwood Oil), one variety store, one clothes store, one second hand store, one library, plus a county bookmobile, four eateries, one bar, one laundromat, two auto parts stores, feed store/Tru Value hardware store and two hair dressers make it self-sufficient. The fine historical background, natural beauty and friendly community make it desirable living.