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The Monument helitack crew consists of a 10 person Forest Service exclusive use helitack crew based out of Pike & San Isabel N.F. in Monument, CO. The crew consists of a  Foreman, Assistant  Foreman, Lead Crewmember, Senior Firefighter and 6 temporary seasonal employees.

The Monument Helitack crew is specially trained in the tactical and logistical use of helicopters for fire suppression and can be rapidly deployed to incidents within Region 2. Region  2 encompasses Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Kansas, and Nebraska. We work with many agencies including BLM, BIA, NPS, Colorado State Forest Service, Counties and private lands.

During a normal fire season, our crew may experience varied periods of fire activity. When we are not on initial attack fires the crew is generally assigned to large fire support throughout the nation.  The shoulder season may include aviation training; fitness training, project work, single resource opportunities, and standing by for possible fire dispatches.

Foreman – Kristine Paxson


Mission Statement:

The primary mission of the Monument Helitack Crew is to provide expedient initial attack, including incident size-up, aerial delivery of firefighters, aerial suppression, and operational and logistical incident support to the Pike & San Isabel NF, Comanche & Cimarron NG, (PSF) and other agencies within the Pueblo Dispatch Zone (PDZ) when deemed appropriate.

To achieve this mission the Monument Helitack Crew consists of a team of professionals that strive to provide quality leadership, management, assistance, and instruction pertaining to aviation, prescribed fire and wildland fire management.


 Core Values:


  • Constantly strive to build team cohesion at all levels
  • Look out for each other and put egos aside
  • Handle issues at the lowest possible level


  • Treat others as you want to be treated
  • Value everyone’s opinion and be open to input
  • Honor the chain of command and seek to earn respect from our peers


  • Lead by example, not by accident
  • Maintain ourselves and our equipment at a high level of readiness
  • Seek responsibility and accept the outcomes
  • Every action reflects on the entire team


  • Follow through with commitments
  • Our word is our bond
  • Be truthful with ourselves and everyone we come into contact with

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 Hiring Info

Monument Helitack is currently in the process of filling the Assistant Foreman and seasonal firefighter positions. If you are interested in these positions please contact the helibase at 719-487-8107 Monday through Friday during normal business hours or email one of our permanent staff at the addresses below.

Kristine Paxson