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Returning title III county funds to the U.S. Treasury

Updated: September 2, 2015

The Secure Rural Schools Act (SRS Act) was reauthorized by section 524 of P.L. 114-10 and signed into law by the President on April 16, 2015.  There are no other changes to title III.

The deadline for counties to obligate title III funds has been extended until September 30, 2018.  This new deadline applies to all unobligated title III funds, including title III funds reserved for fiscal years 2014 and 2015 under the current reauthorization of the SRS Act and title III funds received under prior year reauthorizations that were not obligated by the previous deadline of September 30, 2014.

The SRS Act provides that title III county funds not obligated by September 30, 2018, must be returned to the U.S. Treasury.  Counties may return unobligated title III funds to the Treasury at anytime prior to and immediately following this date using the following procedure:

1.  The county requests that the Forest Service prepare a Bill for Collection to be sent to the county.  Requests may be sent by e-mail to

a.  In the subject line include “Return title III, county name, state name

b.  In the body of the message include the dollar amount(s) to be returned and the federal fiscal year (FY) with which the funds are associated.

The federal fiscal year ends on September 30.  The U.S. Treasury made payments to the states by early January following the end of the federal fiscal year for which the payments were made and then the state distributed the funds to the counties.  For example,

  • FY2008 funds in were received in January 2009;
  • FY2009 funds were received in January 2010;
  • FY2010 funds were received in January 2011;
  • FY2011 funds were received in January 2012;
  • FY2012 funds were received in January 2013;
  • FY2013 funds were received in March 2014;
  • FY2014 funds were received in May 2015; and
  • FY2015 funds should be received in January 2016.

              c.  Include the name, phone number and e-mail address of the county’s contact person and the county’s mailing address where the Bill for Collection should be sent.

                   Be sure to show the county name and state name.

2.  The Forest Service sends a Bill for Collection to the address provided by the county.

3.  The county submits a copy of the Bill for Collection and a check for payment to the address provided on the Bill for Collection.

To ensure the county is properly credited for its payment:

  • Do not submit payment before receiving the Bill for Collection.
  • Submit the Bill for Collection and check together to the address on the Bill for Collection.
  • Do not send payment to the Albuquerque Service Center or any other Forest Service address.  Only submit payment to the address shown on the Bill for Collection.

If you have questions about returning title III funds to the U.S. Treasury you may e-mail or phone Jennifer McGuire at 505-563-7162.

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