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Gallatin NF - Timber Sale Reports

Gallatin NF - Timber Sale Reports

Note: Beginning in FY 2001, volumes are also being reported in hundred cubic feet (CCF) as well as thousand board feet (MBF) and is included in the summary at the end of each report.


Periodic Timber Sale Accomplishment Report (PTSAR)

The forest summary displaying the Fiscal Year's timber sale program of volumes advertised, bid, and awarded.




Cut and Sold Reports

These reports display total volumes and values for forest products sold and harvested from the Gallatin National Forest by Fiscal Year, Calendar Year and Current Year's Quarters.

Cut and Sold Reports

Fiscal Year

Calendar Year



Silvicultural Accomplishment Reports
The following Regional Silvicultural Accomplishment Reports are summarized by Forest and can be found on the initial Timber Sale Summary Reports and Accomplishment page.

  • Annual Silvicultural Accomplishments
  • Reforestation/Timber stand Improvement Needs
  • Acres Harvested by Cutting Method