SourDough News Archive - 2014


SourDough News provides information and news on U.S. Forest Service activities and national forests in the Alaska Region.  In Alaska and the western Canadian territories during the Klondike Gold Rush, old miners, full of experiences and stories, came to be called “sourdoughs,” a term still applied today, and appropriately, is the name to share Forest Service stories



"Crooked Creek Information Site—A Tale of Two Sisters"
Two sisters win awards for separate interpretive and conservation education achievements in the same year.

"Tongass Recognizes Excellence in Interpretation and Conservation Education"
Three outstanding employees were recently acknowledged for their contributions in the field of interpretation and conservation education on the Tongass National Forest.

As we reflect on 2014 it becomes obvious that it has truly been a year of remembrance for the Chugach National Forest.
Employees from the Thorne Bay and Craig ranger districts participated in the 22nd Annual Kids’ Fishing Day and Aquatic Ecology Event
Entering a new era with a focus on young growth management and a more robust and cohesive approach to balancing the social, economic and ecological needs of the region for current and future generations.
"Intern Perspectives from the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center – Summer 2014"
This summer the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center had some terrific assistance from three college students.

"Improving Transportation on Prince of Wales Island"
Making major road improvements to Highway 43 on the Tongass National Forest.

"Improving Opportunities through Forest Service Internships"
My internship with the Forest Service was the perfect opportunity to use my education and life skills in combination with my interests and hobbies.

"Eyed eggs and fry, oh my!"
Coho in the Classroom and Beyond on Prince of Wales Island

"Celebrating Bears, and Learning About Them Too"
Wrangell’s BearFest has been gaining more attention every year... 

"Sitka Seafood Festival Celebrates Salmon on the Tongass National Forest"
The best part of visiting Sitka for Chicago chef Ali Banks is being able to eat fresh fish.

"Attention Forest Service Women: Stories Wanted 1960s through Present"
Collecting women’s stories before they are lost and forgotten.

"Luring Pests to Protect Trees"
The most effective traps for woodboring beetles are designed to mimic the silhouette of a tree.

"Have you seen this disease?"
Highbush cranberry (Viburnum edule) grows throughout much of Alaska...

"The Forest Service Museum - Preserving U.S. Forest Service Heritage"
Over 100 years ago, the concept of setting aside public domain for multiple use management of natural resources on a large scale was unknown.

"Outfitter and Guide Training: How to be successful in Southeast Alaska"
Outfitters and guides who work in the Tongass National Forest and Glacier Bay National Park recently had the opportunity to attend a training program on tour guide operating in Southeast Alaska.

"Karta River: Classroom in the Wilderness"
Wilderness Rangers have been working with classes at Craig High School to develop monitoring projects that get kids out, into the field, doing real research

"Chugach National Forest’s Women of Wilderness Foster Future Women of Science"
Girl Scouts get the opportunity to create their own private Wilderness at this year’s Women of Science and Technology Day