SourDough News Archive - 2013



SourDough News provides information and news on U.S. Forest Service activities and national forests in the Alaska Region.  In Alaska and the western Canadian territories during the Klondike Gold Rush, old miners, full of experiences and stories, came to be called “sourdoughs,” a term still applied today, and appropriately, is the name to share Forest Service stories




"Smokey and the Astronaut"
NASA Flight Engineer Joseph Acaba and his Russian crewmates travelled to the International Space Station (ISS), and took Smokey Bear with them!

"Father & Son Reflect on Summers Spent in Wrangell"
Greg Carver recounts one of the more memorable events from three summers spent volunteering for the Wrangell Ranger District.

"Subsistence Success on the Tongass"

Coming out to Klag with the Tribe to learn about the weir program, but also to help them harvest sockeye.

"Alaska Native Youth Explore Forest Service Career Opportunities"
The Alaska Native Student Internship is a new program aiming to raise the Alaska Native community’s interest in the Forest Service as a career opportunity.

"Tongass National Forest Interpretive Films Garner Awards"
National recognition from the film industry for the films Discovering the Tongass, Alaska’s Rainforest and Landscape of Change, The Tongass National Forests.

"Celebrating Earth Day"

For more than a decade, kids in Sitka have celebrated Earth Day.

"Chief Shakes’ Tribal House"  
The work of the Civilian Conservation Corps is well known to those who visit our national parks and forests.

"Cultural Transformation through Leadership Training"
Alaska Region embarked on the first region-specific Forest Service leadership training program in the nation.

"Bird Banding and the Western Hummingbird Partnership"

Hummingbirds captured in Juneau by Gwen Baluss from the Juneau Ranger District were overwintering in Mexico. 

"Celebration of 50 years on the Alaska Marine Highway"
On board the Malaspina to celebrate the Forest Service’s 50-year contribution in public service onboard the ferries.

"Annual Tongass National Forest Safety Award"
Employees on Prince of Wales Island were the recipients of the Tongass NF Safety Trophy for 2012.

"National Recognition for the Tongass National Forest"
Watershed year for the Tongass National Forest outreach and partnership development with the Mule Deer Foundation.

"We Didn’t Build It and They Came Anyway"
 Planning for the inevitable increase in anglers on the Cordove Ranger District.

"Girl Scouts Learn from Forest Service 'Women of Science'"
Girl Scouts attend special presentations and engage in fun educational activities with women who work in a variety of scientific roles in the Alaska Region.