Annual Tongass National Forest Safety Award


SourDough News | May 1, 2013


Safety trophy
Employees on Prince of Wales Island were the recipients of the Tongass National Forest Safety Trophy for 2012.

At the March meeting of the Tongass National Forest Leadership Team, Acting Forest Supervisor Ted Schenck announced that employees on Prince of Wales Island were the recipients of the Tongass NF Safety Trophy for 2012.

The selection panel was impressed with their out front work with the new SPOT locators; radios; training; quizzes on safety polices at safety meetings; mentoring visitors and seasonal employees on safety; storytelling at safety meetings; and talking through each of their 84 hard truths taken from their Safety Engagement Sessions. Both Craig and Thorne Bay ranger districts have pulled together to live Safety Always and put that into action. 
“They are actually taking training out into the field where it’s needed,” said Schenck. “It’s a wonderful idea I hope to see spread throughout the Tongass.” 
Matt Anderson, the new Craig District Ranger, said, “Since arriving on Prince of Wales Island, I have been impressed with the employees’ commitment to making it a safer place to work. I see a lot of innovation and creativity within the safety program on POW as well as a common sense and practical approach to getting home safely. They’re very deserving of the Tongass Safety Trophy this year.” 
Perry Edwards, who as Acting Thorne Bay Ranger, agreed. “I am truly impressed by the way that two districts, two rangers, two CDSOs (collateral duty safety officers), many staff and employees can work so well together to make safety a priority on the island,” he said. “Especially with the workload on POW—there is a heck of a lot of field work, priority projects and off-district folks coming in to help out. POW does a great job of keeping folks safe.”
The selection panel gave honorable mention to Petersburg Ranger District for their “in the field safety training.” 
The Prince of Wales Island districts can proudly display the trophy this year and all of their 2012 employees will receive a 4-hour time off award.


By Bill Moulton, Safety Officer