Resource Advisory Committees

RRAC FACA Procedures (Nov 2007)

California Recreation Resource Advisory Committee

Federal Advisory Committee Act – Procedures

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A Recreation Resource Advisory Committee (Recreation RAC) is a FACA committee
  • Advises the Secretary of Agriculture (or designee)
  • Gives recommendations concerning recreation fee proposals to the Forest Service Chief or Regional Forester for the Southern Region
FACA ensures
  • The Recreation RAC, a group giving advice and having special access to the decision maker, represents a balance of stakeholders concerned with recreation fees.
  • The public is given access to and an opportunity to participate in a committee's meetings.
All FACA committees must have
  • Balanced representation
  • Open meetings
  • A charter that clearly outlines a committee's work
  • An ending date for its work
  • A Designated Federal Official (DFO) and a Chairperson
Recreation RAC committee members
  • Serve on staggered basis of 2 and 3 years beginning on the date members are appointed to each RRAC
  • Can be reappointed to a subsequent term
  • Serve without compensation, but will be reimbursed for travel expenses (travel, meals, lodging, car rental, parking, etc.)
  • Are considered representatives of specific interest groups
The Designated Federal Official
  • Calls or approves the call of a meeting
  • Attends meetings
  • Approves the agenda
  • May serve as chair in absence of the Chairperson
  • Has authority to adjourn a meeting if adjournment is in the public interest
  • Must be held at a reasonable time and place
  • May be conducted by teleconference
  • Must be announced in the Federal Register 15 days before the meeting and in the regional newspaper of record 7 days before the meeting
  • Must have minutes taken and made available to the public

November 5-6, 2007 RRAC Meeting