San Juan National Forest - Forest Plan 2013

The San Juan National Forest Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan) was released in September 2013, along with a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), Record of Decision for the Forest Plan and a Record of Decision for the Oil and Gas Leasing Analysis.  The Forest Plan provides a stretegic vision and guides long term management for the entire San Juan National Forest.

The documents are posted below both in their entirety and in sections, for ease of accessing specific portions.

Revision of the BLM’s Tres Rios Resource Management Plan was conducted jointly with the San Juan Forest Plan. The planning process for the Tres Rios Resource Management Plan is ongoing and updated information can be found here (


Administrative Changes to the Forest Plan-

Administrative Change 1 (367 KB)

Forest Supervisor Determination  (150 KB)



Dear Reader (1.84 MB)

San Juan National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan
Record of Decision
 (234 KB)

San Juan National Forest Oil and Gas Leasing Availability
Record of Decision
 (10.7 MB)


Volume One-

Final Environmental Impact Statement

Download entire Document (9.3 MB) or by Chapter
Table of Contents (248 KB) - Volume One

Chapter One - Purpose and Need (398 KB)
Chapter Two - Alternatives (908 KB)
Chapter Three-Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences (5.3 MB)
Chapter Four - Public Involvement and Coordination (610 KB)
Chapter Five - References (963 KB)

Volume Two-

San Juan National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan

Download entire Document ( 114 MB) or by Chapter
Table of Contents, List of Figures and List of Acronyms  (133 KB) - Volume Two

Chapter One - Introduction (4.8 MB)
Chapter Two - Resource Direction (85.1 MB)
Chapter Three - Area Direction (30.5 MB)
Chapter Four - Monitoring Plans (760 KB)
Chapter Five - Literature Cited (246 KB)

Volume Three-

Appendices (23 appendices)

A - BLM Lands Available for Disposal (5.7 MB)
B - Paleontological Resources (41.6 KB)
C - Roadless Area Inventory and Wilderness Evaluation (5.42 MB)
D - Wild and Scenic Rivers Suitability (9.95 MB)
E - Special Recreation Management Areas (16.9 MB)
F - Projected Activities for Impact Analysis (557 KB)
G - Climate Change Trends and Management Strategy for the San Juan 
      National Forest / Tres Rios Land and Resource Management Plan (200 KB)
H - Oil and Gas Leasing Stipulations (13.7 MB)
I - Vulnerable Watersheds (286 KB)
J - Biological Assessment for the San Juan National Forest Land
       and Resource Management Plan (1.19 MB)
K - Fire Regime and Condition Class (424 KB)
L - Bureau of Land Management Grazing Allotment Status
       and Permitted Animal Unit Months (90.1 KB)
M - Land and Resource Management Plan Components
       Related to Terrestrial Wildlife Species (1.7 MB)
N - Sage Grouse Best Management Practices (277 KB)
O - BLM Lands with Wilderness Characteristics (270 KB)
P - Federally Listed Species and Sensitive Species (344 KB)
Q - Plan Components Addressing Species Diversity
      and Population Viability (221 KB)
R - Bureau of Land Management Master Leasing Plan Policy
       and Description of Leasing Analysis (275 KB)
S - Response to Comments on the SanJuan/Tres Rios
      Draft Land and Resource Management Plan
      and Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (1.13 MB)
T - San Juan National Forest Biological Evaluation & Bureau of Land
     Management Sensitive Species Analysis (1.75 MB)
U - Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (5.16 MB)
V – Final Environmental Impact Statement Maps
W – Analysis of Plans and Land Use Policies of Adjacent
       Governments and Tribes (287 KB)

Supporting Documents

Geospatial Database

Air Quality Documents 

Comprehensive Air Resource Protection Protocol (431 KB)

Reasonable Foreseeable Development Scenario (0 MB)

 - 2006 Reasonable Foreseeable Development Scenario (27.3 MB)
 - 2006 Reasonable Foreseeable Development Scenario Appendix F (4 MB)

 - 2009 Reasonable Foreseeable Development Scenario Addendum (4.44 MB)

Draft Land and Resource Management Plan (2007)

Supplement to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (2011)

Link to BLM Proposed Tres Rios Field Office
Land and Resource Management Plan page


For more information please contact:

Mark Lambert
San Juan National Forest Staff Officer for Planning and Public Service

Cara Gildar
Forest NEPA Planner

Gina Jones
BLM Southwest District NEPA Coordinator