Forest Plan GIS

Geospatial Data

The San Juan National Forest and Tres Rios Field Office operates a Geographic Information System (GIS). We use ESRI's ArcGIS family of products to develop various maps to perform analysis. The following compressed ZIP files contain File GeoDataBases (.gdb files) which were created using ESRI's ArcGis 9.3 software.
The files to download are compressed with WINZIP. The GeoDataBases contain metadata that may be viewed using the ArcCatalog metadata tool.


These products are reproduced from geospatial information prepared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service and the U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM). By removing the contents of this package or taking receipt of these files via electronic file-transfer methods, you understand that the data stored on this media are in draft condition. Represented features may not be in an accurate geographic location. The Forest Service and BLM makes no expressed or implied warranty, including warranty of merchantability and fitness, with respect to the character, function, or capabilities of the data or their appropriateness for any user's purposes. The Forest Service and BLM reserves the right to correct, update, modify, remove, or replace this geospatial information without notification.

All spatial data has the following Projection:
UTM, Zone 13, NAD 83, zunits: no, units:meters, Spheroid:GRS1980

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