Closure Orders & Restrictions

Stein Fire Emergency Road Closure Order 04-13-16-586

Roaring Fire Emergency Trail Closure Order 04-13-16-584

North Fork Ranger District Occupancy and Use Order (Motor Boat Prohibition) 04-13-16-119

Explosives and Exploding Targets: (R4-2015-01)

Cannabis-Alcohol-Vehicles (Violation of State Law) 04-13-15-118

North Fork Ranger District Occupancy and Use Order (For Public Safety & Resource Protection) 04-13-15-117

Challis Creek Road Emergency Road Closure:  04-13-14-563 & Map

Colson Creek Road Emergency Road Closure:  04-13-14-561 & Map

Mosquito Flat Terrace Emergency Road Closure: 04-13-14-560 & Map

Deadwater Picnic Area/Cove Creek Parking Area (No Camping) 04-13-14-116

Bull Trout Lake (Road) Closure Order 04-13-14-115

Badger Creek Trail 4204 Closure Order 04-13-14-111 & Map

Swauger Lake Trail 4091 Closure Order 04-13-14-110 & Map

Uncle Ike Mines Trail 4238 Closure Order 04-13-14-109 & Map

Combustible Engines (Lakes) 04-13-14-108

Road Closure (Seasonal Custer Motorway) 04-13-14-106

No Camping (Custer Town Site) 04-13-14-105

No Camping (Gold Bug Hot Springs) 04-13-14-104

Ramshorn Mine (Area Closure) 04-13-14-103

Commercial Hauling (FS Roads) 04-13-14-102

16 Day Stay Limit 04-13-14-101

Middle Fork Corridor 04-13-14-100

Area Closure (Lost Trail Ski Area) 07-d3-07

Fireworks and Spark Arrestor Special Order 04-00-12-02

Frank-Church Wilderness 01/04-00-00-10-02

Salmon River Corridor (Wild and Scenic Section) 01/04-00-00-10-01

Weed Free Hay 04-00-097

Wagon, Cart, or Other Vehicle 04-00-055