Willow Creek Planning Collaborative


Willow CreekThe Willow Creek watershed is part of the Sierra National Forest, Bass Lake Ranger District (a sub-watershed of the Upper San Joaquin River Watershed that drains into Bass Lake and Willow Creek.)  As with much of the national forest land in the Sierra region, conditions in this forest are not ideal.  Restoration work is needed to increase fire safety (particularly around communities), improve forest and riparian health, preserve and enhance wildlife habitat, maximize recreational opportunities, and preserve cultural resources. 

The Bass Lake Ranger District is bringing stakeholders, Tribal organizations and other interested parties together to work collaboratively on the design of future restoration work.  The Forest Service hopes to create guidelines for local projects that will be acceptable to all the interested parties.  This process will involve discussion, exploring and applying scientific information, mutual education and appreciation of one another’s perspectives.  We hope that the process will also promote public education and encourage more community involvement in forest restoration activities. 

The Collaborative Planning project started in September 2011 and will last for 5-6 months.  The Sierra Nevada Conservancy is providing facilitation support, and the Forest Service provides staffing and technical expertise.    The planning process includes general meetings, field trips, and discussions.  The process is open to representatives of organizations, agencies, Tribes, community residents, businesses, and the general public. 

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