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View of El Yunque National Forest from the top of the Bisley Study Area Climate Tower Ángel Crespo Ortiz, Chief of the Fire Department of Puerto Rico, and State and Private Forestry program manager Connie Carpenter promoting the new fire prevention campaign in Puerto Rico. The understory of an elfin woodland forest in El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico. Dr. Tischa A Muñoz-Erickson presenting ULTRA research at the USAID CLIMA stakeholder workshop in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Satellite view of the northern karst region of Puerto Rico captured by Landsat 8 Tower Climbing Safety & Rescue Class in the Sabana Field Research Station in Luquillo. Colonies of Trentepohlia algae colonizing the branches of a tree in an elfin woodland forest. San Juan ULTRA field trip participants at the Puerto Nuevo Channel and San Patricio Urban Forest Forestry Technician, Ivan Vicens, measuring a robles nativos (Tabebuia heterophylla) found in the Guayama Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico. Institute and USGS folks hiking the El Toro trail in El Yunque National Forest IITF employees, MAC employees, and Puerto Rican artists involved in the Poetic Science exhibit at El Portal, El Yunque.




New Weather Tower Installed in the Guayama Research Area

Read about the recently installed UT30 Tower Based Weather Station located in the Institute's new research property in Guayama, Puerto Rico. Read More...



The USDA Caribbean Climate Sub Hub

USDA Climate HubsLearn about the new Caribbean Climate Sub Hub, located at the Institute in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Recently established by the USDA, the Caribbean Climate Sub Hub is one of seven Regional Hubs and three Subsidiary Hubs nationwide. En Español | Read More...


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Greenhouse Gas and Climate Workshop - September 22-23.

Photos from the GHG Mitigation and Climate Adaptation Workshop, September 22-23, 2015.

Tropical Responses to Altered Climate Experiment (TRACE)

Visit the Forest Warming site for the latest updates on the TRACE project.


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