Land & Resources Management


This section includes forest planning, current projects, information about resource management, and available geospatial data.

Here is how we organized our information.

Planning: Generally it is planning at a broad scale, either at the Regional, Forest, or Landscape (Watershed) level. Assessments identify existing conditions, risks, opportunities, and desired future conditions. The end product does not require a NEPA decision, but is information that feeds into project analysis. The Allegheny Forest Plan establishes the primary management direction for the entire forest, providing a framework for what we do and where we do it. All other plans tier to the Forest Plan.

Projects: Projects are proposed actions that are analyzed through the NEPA process 

Resources Management: In this 3-phase process, this section includes information about actions resulting from the forest’s plans and projects. An example might be the restoration of a stream or a prescribed burn for wildlife purposes.

Geospatial Data: Allegheny National Forest Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data is available to download. Data is available in ESRI (shapefile) and Google Earth (kml) formats. For more information, go to the GIS webpage.


Project Spotlights

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Suppression Project

The ANF is working with surrounding public and private landowners to develop a landscape approach to reduce the impacts of the HWA to important hemlock areas.


Forest Wide Roads Analysis

The objective of roads analysis is to provide decision makers with critical information to develop road systems that are safe and responsive to public needs and desires, affordable and efficiently managed, have minimal negative ecological effects on the land, and are in balance with available funding for needed management actions.

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