Land & Resources Management


      Sample photo of a treated area near Idaho City   




Welcome to the Land and Resources Management page. This section includes information about forest planning, current projects, forest resource management, and available geospatial data.



This section contains planning documents that guide how the national forest is managed.



Find information and links to some of the Boise National Forest projects that are on-going or some past projects. Documents such as environmental analyses, decision notices, or other project documentation are available.


Resource Management

Find links and information to some to some of the Boise National Forest programs areas like timber, range, wildlife and fire.


Geospatial Data

Find links for on-line Geospatial (GIS) data for the National Forest.  


2010 Amended Forest Plan

Forest Plan Photo

2003 FEIS and ROD supporting Boise, Sawtooth and Payette Forest Plan Revision


2010 FIES and ROD supporting Forest Plan amendment to incorporate a Wildlife Conservation Strategy (WCS)


Forest Plan, As Amended in 2010 


                               Forest Plan Monitoring Report


Direction for Inventoried Roadless Areas

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Timber Sales

Timber sales, ads and bids.

Construction Projects in Warm Lake and Yellow Pine Area Completed

The projects in the Warm Lake and Yellow Pine areas have been completed.


Forest Roads of Concern - Mixed Use Safety Review

OHV riding

The Boise National Forest has completed an initial motorized mixed use safety review of the forest roads.