Land & Resources Management

Land & Resources Management

Decisions for managing your national forests occur at two levels - the Forest Plan level and the Project level. Both levels of planning provide opportunities for input from citizens and local communities.


Forest Plans establish desired conditions, land use allocations, suitable management practices, objectives, standards, and monitoring and evaluation requirements at a broadscale, strategic level for the next 10 to 15 years. Plans are monitored and evaluated so future management can be adapted when we are not getting the results we thought we would or new scientific information becomes available.

Although administratively combined with one Supervisor's Office in Roanoke, Virginia, the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests have individual Forest Plans. The Jefferson NF Forest Plan was revised in 2004. The George Washington NF Forest Plan was revised in 1993 and is currently under a new revision. Documents available under the Planning section include:

  • 2004 Jefferson NF Forest Plan, Final Environmental Impact Statement, Record of Decision and associated key documents and maps
  • 1993 George Washington NF Forest Plan, Final Environmental Impact Statement, Record of Decision, key documents and maps
  • Monitoring Reports

Current Revision of the George Washington NF Forest Plan - click here for more information.  


Decisions made at the project level for implementing the Forest Plan require a site-specific environmental analysis and include public collaboration through the NEPA process. This section contains a list of the projects that the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests are planning, evaluating or actively implementing. Documents available for public comment, as well as administrative review, are posted in this section. Final decisions on projects can also be found here.

If you are interested in receiving notice of opportunities to submit comments on projects during the designated comment periods, you may contact the ranger district office of interest and request to be added to their 'NEPA Mailing List.'

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - under construction

Find resource management information in this section.


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