Land & Resources Management

The Kisatchie National Forest is Louisiana’s only National Forest and was established in June 1930.  It is comprised of over 600,000 acres, over 180 employees, and is located in central and northern Louisiana and is divided into five Ranger Districts.  The Supervisor’s Office is located in Pineville, Louisiana at the Alexandria Forestry Center and is one of the unique locations where the National Forest System, Forest Health, and Research are located together at one integrated facility. The Kisatchie is a diverse forest with bayous, prairies, bottomland hardwoods and upland pine forest types.  The terrain across the forest is flat to gently rolling hills, with maximum elevations of approximately 400 feet MSL.  The weather is temperate; summers are hot and humid and the winters are cool and mild.  Temperatures ranges include a few days in the 20’s during the winter months, but usually remain in the mid 30 to 40-degree range, while the summer months may be in excess of 95 degrees with high humidity.  The average annual rainfall is approximately 45 inches per year. 


This section provides information about forest planning, current projects, and available geospatial data. 


This section includes the Land and Resource Management Plan and Monitoring and Evaluation Reports for Kisatchie National Forest.


The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) can be found on the Projects page.

Resource Management

Timber sales and timber sale schedules are posted in the Resource Management section.

Geospatial Data

GIS information for the Kisatchie National Forest may be found here in compress shapefiles and may be viewed using ESRI software.  

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