Land & Resources Management

A forester working at a Olympic National Forest prairie burn. Fire is an important tool for ecosystem managers.

The management on all lands within the Olympic National Forest strives to maximize ecological health and diversity. We collaborate with multiple partners to integrate restoration activities that improve habitat resiliency across the peninsula.

Here is how we organized our land and resource management information online:

Forest Planning

Look here for planning documents that guide how the national forest is managed. The focus is at a broad scale: regional, forest-wide, or landscape (watershed) level.

Current Projects

Find information here about specific projects that the Olympic National Forest is evaluating, planning, or actively implementing. The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) and NEPA projects documentation including supporting maps and documents are available.

Resource Management

Resource management information is available including: ecosystem restoration activities and timber sale information.

Geospatial Data

More information about available GIS (Geographic Information System) data is available.


Climate Change

Watershed area from above.“Land management has been traditionally based on the precept that future environmental conditions will mirror past conditions. Climate change is turning this notion on its head. We can no longer assume that precipitation will fall in the same amounts and during the same time of year as in the past.

Changes in temperature and precipitation set the stage for a broad range of other changes: from insect outbreaks and fire frequency, to the range and viability of specific species, both plant and animal."

- Excerpt from-  Case Studies - Managing for a Changing Climate on the Olympic National Forest.


Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM)

The Olympic National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Maps display National Forest System routes (roads and trails) that are open to motorized travel.

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Forest Health/Timber

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